What NBA superstar are you?
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What NBA superstar are you?

Question 1:   Who is your favorite player?
Kobe Bryant
Tracy McGrady
Kevin Garnett
Vince Carter

Question 2:   You're defending Shaq, what do you do?
Let him pummel over you.
Play tough D, hoping he'll miss or you will swat him.
Make him earn it at the line.

Question 3:   Who's the NBA's best point guard?
Stephon Marbury
Earl Boykins
Steve Francis
Jason Kidd

Question 4:   What is your pre-game ritual?
Argue w/ the P.A. announcer and then shoot a 3.
Drink a glass of milk.
Listen to your favorite song.

Question 5:   You get injured on a play, what do you do?
Take a timeout so you don't injured even more.
Play through it.
Cry and moan.

Question 6:   You're on a fastbreak all by yourself, what kind of dunk do you do?
Under the legs.
Off the backboard.
Wait for someone to come down and then pass it to them because you’re not tall enough.
1 handed windmill.

Question 7:   Kevin Garnett is better then Tim Duncan.
They both got MVPs so it's a tough one.
Who are they?

Question 8:   The U.S. team has an open spot on the olympic team, they want you but your injured, you:
Refuse because your getting married.
Say yes and play through the pain.
Refuse because you do not want to get hurt even more.

Question 9:   Game 7 of the NBA finals, who would you rather have at the line?
They can't shoot free throws worth %$#!
Ben Wallace

Question 10:   Kobe or McGrady?
They both suck
They're both just as good.

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