How well do you know your country music?

This test not only judges how well you know artists and their lyrics but what comes after them, before them, and general trivia about country music.

Question 1:   Read the lyrics: "'cause there's victory in the lord i say Victory in the lord" Who sings it?
Tim McGraw
Josh Turner
Toby Keith
Kid Rock
Mongomery Gentry

Question 2:   What was Tim McGraws first MAJOR song?
Don't Take the Girl
Indian Outlaw
Down on the Farm
I Like It, I Love It
Little Bitty

Question 3:   Who sings with Toby Keith on "Beer for My Horses"?
Jimmy Buffet
Alan Jackson
David Allan Cole
Willy Nelson
Sings by himself

Question 4:   Fill in the missing word: I wanna get married in Mexico, whisper I told you so, when you get lost in that sunset, sing a(n) ___ Spanish lullaby, where every word makes you cry..."

Question 5:   Fill in the missing words: "She plays the ___ in a band She's a(n) ___"
bass, astronaut
drums, astronaut
bass, t.v. host
guitar, novelist
banjo, surgeon

Question 6:   Who sings these lyrics: "Have you ever wondered what life would be like If you'd only went left instead of taking that right If you had waited just ten more minutes to leave the house Would it all be different"
Jeff Bates
Chris Cagel
Rascal Flatts
Tim McGraw
Lee Greenwood

Question 7:   Who sings "When the Sun Goes Down"?
Kenny Chesney alone
Uncle Kracker Alone
Kenny Chesney & Jimmy Buffet
Kenny Chesney & Uncle Kracker
Uncle Kracker & Tim McGraw

Question 8:   Where is the name of the town Kenny Chesney is originally from?

Question 9:   One of Kenny Chesney's hit songs and the name of one of his albums. No ___, No ___, and No ___. Fill it in
Shoes, Shirt, Problems
Shirts, Shoes, Problems
Shirt, Shoe, Problems
Shirt, Shoes, Problems
Shirts, Shoe, Problems

Question 10:   Which of these patriotic songs was written by Allen Jackson?
Have You Forgotten?
Stars and Strips
Only in America
Where Were You When the World Stop Turning?
God Bless the USA

Question 11:   Which Toby Keith video takes place in a stadium?
Courtesy of the Red White and Blue
How Do You Like Me Now?
There Goes My Life
Where were you when the word stop turning?
Beer for my Horses

Question 12:   Who sings the song "Save a Horse"?
Rascal Flatts
Big & Rich
Diamond Rio
Montgomery Gentry
Emerson Drive

Question 13:   Who sings "19 Something"?
Mark Wills
Chris Cagle
Montgomery Gentry
Rascal Flatts
Toby Keith

Question 14:   Which word comes next? "She said it symbolizes awesome powers hidden...

Question 15:   Name the song: "This miracle God gave to me gives me strength when I am weak"
I Can Still Feel You
In My Daughter's Eyes
God Bless the USA
Where were you when the world Stopped Turning
From this Moment On

Question 16:   Match the artist to the song... Song: Mrs. Steven Rudy
Tim McGraw
Kenny Chesney
Collin Raye
Mark McGuinn
Mark Chestnut

Question 17:   In the song "My Last Name" where is the headstone?
In a cemetery
In a field
At sea
In the back yard
Under a big tree

Question 18:   What recording label released "Songs About Rain" by Gary Allen?
RCA Nashville
MCA Nashville

Question 19:   Who's gonna show you around my town?
Troy Genty and Eddie Montgomery
Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn
Troy Gentry and Ronnie Dunn
Eddie Montgomery and Ronnie Dunn
Tim McGraw and Toby Keith

Question 20:   In the song "Me and Emily" by Rachel Procter, what is the floorboard NOT filled up with?
Baby bottles
Baby Toys
Empty Coke bottles
Coffee cups

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