Does he like you back?

You're crushing him- but is it mutual?

Question 1:   Let's just get the basics covered. Does he flirt with you?
No, not at all.
Yes, but rarely.
All the time!

Question 2:   If so, does he flirt with other girls too?
He doesn't even flirt with me!
Yes, I've seen him flirt with them just as much as me.
Yes, but I think he flirts with me more.
No- he only flirts with me

Question 3:   Does he tease you?
No, not really.
Yes, jokingly
Yes, in a mean way

Question 4:   If so, does he tease others too?
He doesn't tease me
Yes- he teases at least a couple others the same amount
No- he tease me mostly (or entirely)

Question 5:   Have you caught him (or felt that he was) glancing and/or staring at you?
Well, I wouldn't call it a "stare"...
A few times
Yes- often

Question 6:   If you smile at him, what is his response?
He usually frowns back or gives me a dirty look
He generally has a straight face with no reaction
He smiles back
He blushes and looks down

Question 7:   Have any of his friends ever asked you if you liked him?
No (and I talk to his friends)
No (but I don't talk to his friends)
They didn't ask me if I liked him, but they were talking about him...
Yes- one or more has

Question 8:   Does he act fidgety or nervous around you?
No, not at all
Sure, but he's a nervous and/or shy kind of fellow

Question 9:   Has he ever jokingly mentioned going out or playfully said you were 'hot'?
No- I don't think he even wants to joke about that
No, but he might want to anyway
Yes, once or twice
All the time

Question 10:   Does he do you little favors or try to help out?
Yes, but he does them for other people too
Yes, but they are simple tasks
Yes, sometimes going out of his way

Question 11:   Do your friends think he likes you?
No, and they know the situation
No, but I don't tell people about him
They aren't sure
Yes- they all say he does

Question 12:   If you talk to other guys around him, what is his reaction?
He gives you a dirty look as though he knows you're trying to make him jealous
He doesn't really seem to care
He glances over
He interrupts with a witty comment

Question 13:   Does he ask you questions about yourself?
No- I doubt he cares
Yes, but they are casual things that anyone would ask
Yes, and sometimes they are more personal things
Yes- sometimes I wonder if he's writing my biography

Question 14:   Does he remember things you've said in past conversations?
What conversations?
No, not really. But he IS a guy....
Sometimes he recalls a statement or two
He seems to remember everything

Question 15:   Does he notice changes in your appearance and/or attitude?
Yes, but he's just kinda like that- very observant
Sometimes he notices one or the other
He seems to notice every little change

Question 16:   And lastly... honestly, do you get that gut feeling that he likes you?
Deep down inside, not really.
Yea, but I was still hoping...
Sometimes I do, and then sometimes I don't...
Yes, I really do

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