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Are you "not of this earth"?
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Are you "not of this earth"?

Are you obsessed with Roswell? Are people starting to tell you that you have a problem? Don't believe them? Well find out with this purity test, and see if you are Not of this Earth.

Question 1:Have you seen every episode?
Question 2:Did your family and friends know not to call when Roswell came on?
Question 3:Have you taped all the episodes?
Question 4:Have you bought the DVD?
Question 5:Have you taped every episode and bought the DVD anyway?
Question 6:Do you drop everything when they play reruns of Roswell on the Sci-fi channel?
Question 7:Have you memorized all the music from the episodes?
Question 8:Have you purchased the Roswell soundtrack?
Question 9:Were you astonished that the DVD music was different and immediately went and purchased the cds for the new music?
Question 10:Have you ever cried over an episode?
Question 11:Do you know all of the actors names?
Question 12:Do you buy movies just because an actor from Roswell appeared in it?
Question 13:Have you forced your family and friends to watch the show with you?
Question 14:Do you own assorted Roswell merchandise?
Question 15:Do you base the successfulness of your relationships on Max and Liz's or Maria and Micheal's?
Question 16:Have you ever dreamed about Roswell?
Question 17:Have you ever tried to dream about Roswell on purpose?
Question 18:Do you have a Roswell fansite?
Question 19:Do you write Roswell fanfiction or do fanart?
Question 20:Were you utterly and completely devastated when they cancelled the show?
Question 21:Did you write in or send Tabasco sauce in hopes that they would renew the show?
Question 22:Do you still hope that they would renew the show?
Question 23:Have you ever dated someone because they reminded you of someone on the show?
Question 24:Have you ever quoted the show to someone when the show had nothing to do with the conversation?
Question 25:Do you believe in aliens now, because of the show?

This Quiz has been designed by Qolette Jackson.