Do You Belong in Slytherin?

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    Which Type of Witch or Wizard are You?

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site (57283)
6 days ago
I am from China and i am so crazy about hurry potter.Draco Malfoy is mine!Now it is time that i should go sleep with him. haha*^o^*besides i want to get a friend from another country,here is my QQ nunmer:1780661962
ThatNastyDraco (29199)
58 days ago
These questions are so unrealistic omhg ;-;
witch (78682)
59 days ago
this was most definitely written by a moralistic non-slytherin. your questions are meaningless. i mean, fav colour? fav lessons? that has nothing to do with whether you're a slytherin or not.
witch (78682)
59 days ago
pretty sure some goody-goody hufflepuff/gryffindor wrote this pfftsorry sweetie but i'm a certified slytherin
Mrs.malfoy (94000)
121 days ago
I am in Slytherin 🐍
harry potter rocks (38615)
136 days ago
for your information albus potter and scorpius malfoy are in fact good oh and not to mention MERLIN himself was a slytherin talk about steryo typings and let me tell you i know more about wizards and witches than you ans what's upwith the questions correct thing you expect me to be some horrible person ugh so rude!!!!!!
Dat Witch (70465)
140 days ago
Avada Kedavra Sucka!
Dat Witch (70465)
140 days ago
Oh and not all slytherins are evil, we are ambitious and cunning. A feisty goody- goody hufflepuff wrote this quiz
Dat Witch (70465)
140 days ago
My result: No way! Do you even know what a Wizard is? Get a grip!
Are u kidding me? I have read every book and watched every movie! Frustrating result, I get if my fellow witches and wizards are frustrated, but by getting triggered and attacking the person who wrote the quiz is not cool. It makes you just as bad as them.
HarryPotter4ever (37881)
156 days ago
My hybrid house is Slytherdor so I am only part Slytherin
Hermione granger (08770)
162 days ago
Hi I hate this quiz I am Slytherin and proud of it
cliodhna kelly (99434)
193 days ago
im a pottermore certified slytherin and here im told gryffindor or hufflepuff....
Astoria666 (41600)
194 days ago
No joke I did almost 13 sorting hats and it said I was 100 percent slytgerin and this says I am ravenclaw?
Karya (65904)
199 days ago
Here I am thinking, did someone who didn't even read the books wrote this quiz? My favourite colour, class I prefer, my favourite character, my pet... seriously? Did you know Malfoy's wand was made of unicorn? Did you know that muggle borns can be slytherins? Who cares if I like the slytherin character or not? Maybe I am the slytherin to be the revolution in the house history. If I fit in as resourceful, cunning, ambitious, loyal, intelligent... Why would anyone care if I want a unicorn or cat in my dorm room?
Aarah Iyengar (56197)
207 days ago
Exscuse me? Do u have the wrong idea that slytherins are bad people? U mudbloods have no idea what it's like to be a Slytherin. We should be proud of our House. Even freaking Merlin was a Slytherin. Not all of them are bad. I should go, I'm allergic to STUPIDITY.
Darth Toenail (72974)
688 days ago
Insipid questions (favourite colour? Really?) and meaningless answers (What is "blackmail them with no homework" supposed to mean).
This quiz was designed by a complete dunderhead.
Marie (46506)
718 days ago
How can opinions have a right answer? And how does my favorite class have anything to do with my house? Wouldnt i be sorted before classes start?
alexis (44437)
849 days ago
i'm a defintly a slythrein
Ryan (65080)
866 days ago
I got 9 out of 10 I think I'm good to be in slythrein
Rivka (18535)
926 days ago
I got only 5 out of ten right?? I'm most definitely one of the most Slytherin people on here, not all Slytherins are evil purebloods you know, in fact, most of them aren't, if any at all. I wouldn't fit into Hufflepuff or Gryffindor at all, so I don't know what you're on about.