Are you a bitch?

Developed by: Aj Roy

Take this test to see if you are and aide to Satan or an angel of the heavens!

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    How often do you purposely start fights or arguments?

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Me (09917)
61 days ago
Iā€™m a šŸ’—!!Iā€™m a šŸ’—
Me (09917)
61 days ago
Iā€™m a šŸ’—!!!
MillMillsASMR (55912)
193 days ago
Thanks Laura for the link to some fun quizzes. Much love and hugs šŸ¤—
@not_a_dweek_ ig (35571)
227 days ago
This isn't the right kind of test... This is a trivia one you're meant to do personality quizzes for this