Do I Really Like Her?

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I created this test to help you find out if you truly like "her" or not. You know the one I mean! ;-) And you must want to know, since you're checking out my quiz! Try it now! Just choose the answers that best apply to you/your situation. Be honest if you truly want an accurate result. Good luck!

  • 1
    How often do you think about her?
    How often do you think about her?
  • 2
    Have you asked her out yet?
  • 3
    What was your first kiss like?

  • 4
    Could you see yourself with her for a long time?
  • 5
    Do you make attempts to spend time with her?
  • 6
    Do you know a lot about her? Favorite TV show, food, color, etc?

  • 7
    About how many people have you told about her?
  • 8
    Do you think you trust her?
  • 9
    Do you think she likes you the same way?
  • 10
    Do you truly like her?

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12 days ago
I like someone who is a girl and she's one of my Jehovah witnesses and she's great I love talking to her but... I can't explain what I truly feel. about her she's different she makes wanna feel better like a better me and I don't know how to tell her
24 days ago
i really like this girl and one of her freinds said she likes me what should i do
33 days ago
Loooiiiiissssssaaaa. My lesbian crush.
34 days ago
Ok, so I am a lesbian, and there is a girl who really likes me, but idk if I like her, I might? But idrfk, I have struggles people lmao
99 days ago
I have been friends with her for 6 years, and we still communicate by video-calling. During the last months, I had developed a crush on her. But still, we are sepparated by the ocean.
105 days ago
uhh i think im bi but i dont know cuz...i dont like girls(im a girl) but...i think im in love with my girl best every other person i like is a guy except her,and i dont even know if i like her or not.
119 days ago
i have been bisexual since about 2018. i fell in love with this one boy. i became friends with this girl that is best friends with my crush, but my crush isn't my friend. the girl told me that her and my crush like each other. (just call the girl jenny and call my crush joey). three days later, she told me that it was a prank and that she's sorry that she pranked me. i texted one of my male friends and he asked me what i'm doing. i told him that i was about to text my internet best friend (just call her isabelle) and tell her about my crush. (just call my male friend jace.) jace asked me who my crush is and i gave him two hints to who my crush is and he guessed it correctly on the first try of course because the hint is obvious for him. he told me that joey likes jenny. i had a feeling like jenny was telling the truth about her and joey liking each other. i have started to feel less feelings for joey and i'm starting to feel like i like jenny. no hard feelings, but i hope i don't fall in love with her. i'll probably get my heart broken again. the reason that i fell in love with joey is because the look in his eyes when he'd stare into mine. nobody has ever looked at me like that before or at least not make me feel special and loved while doing so. he could make me feel really happy again when i would think of him or see him. i love how he acts silly and can make me laugh and bring joy to me. how he could fix my heart and put it back together piece by piece and how i loved him so much. they said that he definitely likes me and that he probably does, and i had a lot of hope and confidence. i followed my heart again and look where that's gotten me. my heart shattered into even more pieces, hating that i ever fell in love with him. but it's not my fault. it's nobody's fault except his. not for him liking her, but for the way he's treated me. it shattered my heart more than him liking her. i can't control who i fall for. that's why it's better if i follow my head. he gave me mixed signals.
136 days ago
🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️I like my friend. She’s bi. I’m pretty sure she used to like me. But I was too shy to tell her how I feel. Now she has a boyfriend and barely ever talks to me and I’ve liked her since September so seven months right now. I don’t know what to do about or how to cope with my feelings. I keep trying to tell myself that I like someone else and picking someone I know to try get over her but it doesn’t work. And now she has another friend who is interested in boys and teasing people but I don’t so I can’t even join in because I get nervous and shy then I have to stay with another friend who actually hates me and just uses me to complain to about her petty fallouts about stuff like her ”other friend walking a different way to class than her” . And the worst thing is I’m totally confused about my sexuality, my mom says that I shouldn’t chose to like girls but she doesn’t understand that it’s not a choice, it’s who I am and the only choice I have about is do I hide it or be proud of * sigh* sorry for ranting
143 days ago
SOOOO my friend says she like me and a bunch of our other friends but she also has a bf that is friends with us and i think i might like her so i don't know what to do
223 days ago
So, she likes me and she asked a friend of ours to ask me if I'd date her. I said depends bc she dated my other friend like a month or 2 ago. Now, today she asked me out and I said yes but we decided to wait til after winter break to figure it out. Also to ask her ex and my ex if they r ok with it. They havent answered but I'm rlly attracted to her and idk if I do like her tho. PLZ HELP ME
318 days ago
We met at a rugby game like three weeks ago,her car was kinda blocking mine,I could easily come out but I was too drunk and afraid I would hit her car n I approached her so that she may move her car a bit n that's how we exchanged numbers and said we would link up later I just had to park my car home before I could cause an accident in my state.Silly me,I went to my cousins place which was closer to the rugby stadium and I just blacked out,found a bunch of missed calls from her when I woke up n I thought I 💗 everything up but she was calm about everything n asked me to go n see her but I couldn't coz I had to travel to another city.When I got back a see later,I went to see her,all I was thinking about was having💗with her but when I got there,everything just changed,I wanted to be with her as my girlfriend,she offered💗but I thought she was too good for me to use her,I made my move on her n she is now my girlfriend n I like her a lot.
326 days ago
Help! So there’s this girl in most of my classes whom I can’t stand. She has the same name as me, and she’s always trying to be friendly to me. I absolutely cannot stand her! She’s so arrogant and preppy, it drives me nuts. I’m not saying I’m the most humble person in the world, but at least I try and watch what I say.
Then it happened.
We were sitting in band class (I couldn’t help but get irritated when she chose to sit next to me), and she was almost completely silent (which was unusual, since she has a habit of rambling on about the most meaningless topics) when suddenly she blurted out:
“I feel so hot next to you right now.”
To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what to say.
I don’t think she did, either.
My face blushed a bright red. I said “What?” And she murmured something unintelligible.
That should’ve been the end of it. I wish it was.
For some inexplicable reason, I began to feel attracted to her. VERY attracted to her. Despite my feeling of contempt for her, I was...well, I was attracted to her.
Any idea what I should do?
347 days ago
so like i have a huge crush on my best friend and like she doesnt know her sexuality so i have a chance of like 30% with her... but imma tell her today bcs i cant hold it in anymore.
352 days ago
Once upon a time, I met her. She was really cool, then a year later we started getting closer, in a friend way, when she told me that she likes me. I had never had a crush before, so I said I liked her back. I'm really bad at rejecting people, thankfully I'm super ugly so this is rare. Not sure if I did, cuz I think crushes are stupid, but no harm right? Well we would pass notes and text heart emojis like little 5th graders. Then one day, I was walking down a hallway to my next class when her friend came up to me and said, "she doesn't like you anymore, i mean she likes you as a friend, but nothing more." I shrugged it off, no big deal, I didn't even like her, she liked me, but if did like me so much, why did it end so quickly? I thought about it for weeks, what did I do that was so terrible? A year later, she tells me she sorta likes me, again. This time I don't say it back, but now I can't stop thinking about her. Do I like her? We are friends right now, and I don't want to hate her for her wack feelings, especially since I've already been down this path. What do I do????
369 days ago
I've been friends with this girl for a while, and it's just recently that I've noticed that I seem to like her as a little more than a friend. :-)
371 days ago
There’s this girl I met at camp, but she lives eight hours away and I have a lot of trouble recognizing when I have crushes on girls so idk if I’m losing interest but I think she’s straight anyway even though we say “I love you” to each other a lot she’s probably just doing it in a friend way
382 days ago
I like this girl I met online, she has some tough things in her life right now, but she calls me her girlfriend and I love her UwU
406 days ago
There$ this girl i think i like...lets say her name is Diana. She always hugs me and i always get butterflys when she does! I honestly hate hugs but she does it just feels right...on the last day of school i told my bff i liked her and my crush really wanted to know who i liked since she knew i was bisexual. I told her that it was a prank but she knew it happy my bff told my crush i liked her because now Diana knows i like her and if my bff hadnt have told my crush our friendship would have broke. Were still just friends but i feel sad because im not seeing Diana...shes moving to a different state for two years..i miss her.
430 days ago
So I just found out one of my closest friends likes me and while I never really thought about her like that before I think I could really love going out with her I'm just kinda scared really
437 days ago
Hi so my situation...I like this girl. Lets call her Lily. Ive liked her for a year and shes one of my friends. Problem is that shes straight and we're all cool with that she knows i like her.

Then theres this girl, lets call her Nat. Nat was my best friend 3-4 years ago and i crushed on her for a while. Then she started being really obsessed with popularity and arrogant and we drifted apart and started hating each other. But I knew Nat well, when we were best friends. Shes a 💗 when around popular people, but on her own shes nice. I've defused the fight this year and I'm redeveloping feelings for her now. We arent friends but aren't enemies either.