Do you really like her?

Developed by: Nicole

This test is to truly find out if you like "her" or not. Take the test, filling out all the answers that you think are best. Good Luck!

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    How often do you think about her?

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This is my name (88683)
13 days ago
Why are you taking this test, you should know if you like her or not you retard
Eliza Topaz (45906)
23 days ago
I really like her and for a while she liked me back and we almost had a chance to go out but I didn't think it would be the best for our friendship(my dumb a$$).
Questions (24132)
57 days ago
Why can you get the answers "right?"
💁🏼j (23932)
322 days ago
my answer was so accurate and agreeable! thank you
483 days ago
I loved this test! I found out that I really love her! But.... I KNOW she loves me back! I am soooooooooo happy right now!!! :D