Why do people dislike you?

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Are you curious why you always end up sitting alone at lunch? Do you wonder why everyone tends to shy away from you? Well, I can't give you an exact answer, but I'll give you my honest opinion. This is my first quiz, so don't kill me.

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    One of your friends is hosting a party this coming weekend. What are you going to do?

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Idc anymore (93007)
8 days ago
I'm an anti social and depressed human with no friends and no life. Nothing unexpected and nothing to lose ever
Honkers (03728)
9 days ago
I got anti social but that’s from social anxiety and autism C:
pppppppppppppp (55326)
11 days ago
I got emotional. So true. But I'm trying not to pity myself so much.
JessieCatCake (01230)
27 days ago
The answer was unclear i got antisocial and depressing loner but it's true *crys*
Nubnub (37001)
28 days ago
Lol I don’t like party’s or anything social
for some reason((green
justsomeguy (11229)
30 days ago
This quiz said I was 30% emotional. When I start to think about it sounds true.
Me (35227)
38 days ago
It's just a quiz it's not the soundtrack to your life I don't take things that aren't meant to be overly serious too seriously no need to feel triggered. I chuckled a bit cause it said I'm anti-social and also a romantic who loves to flirt now I can't stop laughing about it I can deny either though.
Blind (04029)
47 days ago
Emotional from Tennessee is totally rightt. This person is making fun of us

Love from Serbiaa
oh what fun (65099)
49 days ago
For 40 % you are: My God, you are egotistic. You like to be competitive and like to be the best. You look down on others. Often, you are big-headed and can be rather offensive. Lay down on the mightiness thing and maybe people will like you.
3 % of 65735 Quiz participants had this profile!
KittyCatGirl (89760)
51 days ago
For 30% you are: Awe, you're emotional. At times you can be happy, then you just swing to another feeling. You tend to feel sorry for yourself a lot. Lonely, sad, depressed. Sob. Perhaps if you grow up a bit and quit feeling self-pity, you could be making friends.

Totally true. I'm so lonely at school. Only two of my friends from my group of friends are in my class. The rest in a different class. I have only 5 friends. Only like 10 people in my class are mean to me but I feel like it's everyone. At home I feel so lonely. I can go out only to go to the shop. My sister left me nearly 3 years ago. I have a step-brother but he is usually in work or he is busy. My dad and my step-mom are strict (especially my step-mom). Anyway at home I don't feel loved. My dad is always at work. He work usually quite late. I don't even go to the living room. If I go I would get in trouble for watching T.V. My step-mom tells my dad that she doesn't know what I was doing all day when I don't want to get in more trouble because of the T.V!! I wish I just could change my life. Just to make it better. So I don't get hurt emotionally anymore. Tnx for reading this. I really appreciated that you read this. Tnx
20-Year-Old Loser (01441)
55 days ago
I'm anti-social. Expected it. Yay. There are so many fake people these days that finding real ones is like finding a needle in a haystack.
So I'm anti-social apparently :T (30389)
78 days ago
I'm anti-social apparently. I'm not gonna complain tho because I was anti-social last year (6th grade and on down) but now (7th grade) I'm just getting used to being popular (magic I went from being a loner to being popular within summer break 2017)
Emotional (88380)
78 days ago
Awe, I'm emotional! I need to grow up, quit feeling self-pity...
Whoever made this quiz might have made it just to laugh at triggered people. And a lot of people joke that way all of the time, and I'm not making any judgments on their personal beliefs.
But some of the people taking this quiz have found it in a bout of self-deprecation, looking for an honest solution, with this person choosing to poke fun at really sad people.

Honestly. This person must know nothing about depression. Do they think I don't tell myself to "grow up" and "quit feeling sorry for myself" every day of my life? I KNOW I'm selfish for thinking I'm worse than others. But my anxiety and depression keeps me from logically getting rid of that mindset. I wanted advice, not a jab at my personal issues, and I'm sure (by looking at the responses) that others feel the same way.

To whoever wrote this quiz: I am not angry at you. I do not hate you for reminding me of this. But I think you need to consider, along with the rest of the world, that depression, anxiety, and mental illness are MEDICAL CONDITIONS. You need to lift these people up, not bring them down. Maybe you wrote this to feel better about yourself, or you think that your answers are helpful. I understand both of these, and the paragraph below is written for you as well.

And to those who are unhappy with their results:
You are LOVED, and WORTH IT. Even if you don’t feel that way. I am in solidarity with you, and I will pray for you, and hope you find loved ones during this difficult time. I know you would wish me the same.

Love y’all!

-Triggered in Tennessee
Well not my fault now is it? (53851)
91 days ago
It said I'm antisocial which is so true I tend to hate ppl even tho I'm one but I'm skating rn there's a lot of ppl I'm sitting here watching, it takes away my fun
Ally (40038)
106 days ago
this quiz doesn’t take into account anything, but parties and love
Someone who is bullied alot (46276)
116 days ago
People at my school mostly boys just make fun of me for being different and for what I like I mean I might be childish sometimes but I’m also mature at times and when people do this or say things to me I go home felling like I should be dead or that no one cares about me
someone (67820)
121 days ago
My ex besties are taking all my friends from me, soon I will have no friends 😭
anouymous (31062)
122 days ago
"Perhaps if you grow up a bit and quit feeling self-pity, you could be making friends." well sorry for the sarcasm
kelsei davis (52620)
123 days ago
kids calling me mean names and mean comments
i mean (42103)
124 days ago
its kinda true XD if i wasn't so self pitying i wouldn't be taking this quiz