Why do people dislike you?

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Are you curious why you always end up sitting alone at lunch? Do you wonder why everyone tends to shy away from you? Well, I can't give you an exact answer, but I'll give you my honest opinion. This is my first quiz, so don't kill me.

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    One of your friends is hosting a party this coming weekend. What are you going to do?

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no one (75414)
17 hours ago
that was gayreally gay
Eouf (93392)
15 days ago
For 50 % you are: Awe, you're emotional. At times you can be happy, then you just swing to another feeling. You tend to feel sorry for yourself a lot. Lonely, sad, depressed. Sob. Perhaps if you grow up a bit and quit feeling self-pity, you could be making friends.

"Perhaps if you grow up a bit and quit feeling self-pity, you could be making friends."

Now I dunno about you of if it's my "swing into another feeling"..

..but that sounds almost snarky.
Zip (84931)
19 days ago
Sorry for myself? Self pity? Grow up? You didn't give any alternative options that weren't 💗ic or edgy. What do you expect people to get when they have to choose the least hated option?
Someone (84931)
19 days ago
Every option that isn't akin to an airheaded blonde only fits the edgy emo type. I don't actually feel sorry for myself or listen to edgy emo music but the rest are so mindless and stupid! I also hate dark colors, and bright colors.. pastels would have been a better option than just adding red.
millan murray (70144)
23 days ago
thanks a lot I would rather be HAPPY then you being whatever you are. like always when someone tires to be mean to me I take it as a complement. so thanks!
Nevaeh lyttle (31377)
27 days ago
This kinda made me sad...you called me scary for always being happy... :,
Ano (84811)
30 days ago
For 40 % you are: Woo! You're just a wee bit too perky. You can scare people with that ever-lasting happiness of yours.
Someone (89256)
34 days ago
Mine said I should grow up a bit and stop feeling self pity! This is bull 💗. I am grown up. I have a lot of friends just not at mum new school I have hardly any. I am very strong considering I have been through so much.
Anonymous (87029)
43 days ago
Mine said I always feel sorry for myself. If I grow up a bit and quit feeling self-pity, I’ll make some friends and have a happy ending life. I can’t help it. If I’m being honest, I am depressed and it’s not something I can just change and say “I have the best life ever” and be happy for the rest of the time-being. It’s not simple to have a happy life.
Pepe (07930)
44 days ago
I got i am too much of a lover
(Unspoken) (14731)
49 days ago
On question 6 there isnt an answer that speaks most to me
Jade (69160)
50 days ago
This quiz said that 60% I am a big flirt
daniela (85578)
51 days ago
This quiz was so accurate
Idc anymore (93007)
65 days ago
I'm an anti social and depressed human with no friends and no life. Nothing unexpected and nothing to lose ever
Honkers (03728)
67 days ago
I got anti social but that’s from social anxiety and autism C:
pppppppppppppp (55326)
68 days ago
I got emotional. So true. But I'm trying not to pity myself so much.
JessieCatCake (01230)
85 days ago
The answer was unclear i got antisocial and depressing loner but it's true *crys*
Nubnub (37001)
86 days ago
Lol I don’t like party’s or anything social
for some reason((green
justsomeguy (11229)
88 days ago
This quiz said I was 30% emotional. When I start to think about it sounds true.
Me (35227)
95 days ago
It's just a quiz it's not the soundtrack to your life I don't take things that aren't meant to be overly serious too seriously no need to feel triggered. I chuckled a bit cause it said I'm anti-social and also a romantic who loves to flirt now I can't stop laughing about it I can deny either though.