Why Do People Dislike Me?

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Are you curious why you always end up sitting alone at lunch? Do you wonder why everyone tends to shy away from you? Well, I can't give you an exact answer, but I'll give you my honest opinion. This is my first quiz, so please don't kill me if you don't like your answer. You're meant to learn from it, and that doesn't always feel so nice.

  • 1
    One of your friends is hosting a party this coming weekend. What are you going to do?
    One of your friends is hosting a party this coming weekend. What are you going to do?
  • 2
    So you're walking down the hall at school when someone accidentally bumps into you. What is your reaction?
  • 3
    What is your favorite color or type of color?

  • 4
    What is your opinion of people?
  • 5
    What's your favorite type of music?
  • 6
    It's Friday night, woohoo! What can you usually be found doing?

  • 7
    Personally, I dislike labels (and I apologize if this is stereotypical. I don't mean for it to be, but they're everywhere). What is your opinion?
  • 8
    How many friends do you think you have?
  • 9
    There's a Valentine's Day dance coming up. Are you going?
  • 10
    So, what did you think of this quiz?

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5 days ago
By 💗 I meant sheet
5 days ago
For 40% you are: My God, you are egotistic. You like to be competitive and to be the best. You look down on others. Often, you are big-headed and can be rather offensive. Back down on the high-and-mighty thing and maybe people will like you more.
3% of 89799 quiz participants had this profile!
Well I don't think so... I don't look down on others. In fact everyone looks down on me. I'm 💗. :D
8 days ago
Lol, this quiz is so extremely, incredibly, stupid. Thx for breaking everyone's day!
12 days ago
Ok this quiz told me to grow up. Gee thanks. Just what I needed, another thing to make me hate myself more 🙄
17 days ago
Pity person... ? I don’t feel comfortable around people. But okay, suit yourself. Call me what you like.
30 days ago
"anti-social''... well yeah
36 days ago
this quiz told me to grow up and stop taking pitty on myself. great thanks not even a quiz likes me. well im gonna go see xxtentacion! I got free tickets! bye.
36 days ago
Idk who did the test but has no knowledge about psyhology, "anti-social" aka antisocial or antisocial personality disorder aka APD does not mean that one does not like social gatherings, in fact, it's a sign of psyhopathy and usually these people are the life of the party/ have "friends". Being social means, actually, to want to connect at a deeper level with people, discuss about ideas, principles, to make it count, and an person with antisocial personality disorder won't have such humans around him cause they do not like to know people or make people know them, they simply have a lot of aquiatances they keep simply for practical things, for a purpose, they fake like they are interested and have some social skills. Big wow, huh? Now guess what. A social person actually hates partyes cause when they enter a room full of people that they do not know they will feel the pressure to interact with those just to feel good, not to have a connection. So yeah, actually, all of those who got "anti-social"( so poor written ugh) are actually social persons that at this point in their life didn't actually meet a non-superficial person to care about them. People are complex and even when you have the same interests, there's still a lot of things that you need to take into account, like their personality, temperament etc. It was a bad bad test, I hoped for a psyhological atested one, not one made by some highschooler who said "hm it will be funny". It spreads desinformation and is not good. Hope I helped, bye guys.
56 days ago
You're an anti-social person. You tend to shy away from social things. You're not a big fan of people, but what can you do? They're everywhere. Open up a little bit more and I'm sure you'll make some friends. 39% of 88,291 quiz participants had this profile.

This is super accurate! I am the most anti-social person I know! In fact, I am so anti-social, that I made my mom cry because Inhave no friends. Now I feel so bad about it, that I am going through a living hell, just so my mom xan be happy. Love you Mommy!😘
59 days ago
It said I'm too perky... im an autistic teenage girl with severe depression constantly being told to smile or not be so quiet or socially awkward... lol
64 days ago
40% anti-social person I'm not anti-social. But maybe most of the time i like to be at home and just watch netflix. Oops.
67 days ago
you got me right on the spot
82 days ago
I got emotional. My only difference is I don’t feel self pity, and I hate myself when I do, but I feel sorry for the people that have to be around me.
91 days ago
I got the big flirter! I'm not that desperate geez!
103 days ago
Well 40 percent oh well I’m emotional but who cares i am who I am even if I got haters the world is full of them. I do feel self pity and I shouldn’t. I’ll try to be more confident but it will be a challenge! But I will overcome it! Thank u 4 this quiz! helpful! :3
174 days ago
40% I’m emotional. Very true but I never show it unless I’m in uncontainable despair. Life is hard. It hurts. While everyone is not “self pitying” they’re all either able to handle or are just living cause it’s what you’re supposed to do. My motto is if you can’t get anything out of life, leave it. It’s not worth the battle. I don’t understand why I’m always bullied this test didn’t give me answers. If I can’t find the problem I can’t fix it. Goodbye and don’t die that’s my job.
180 days ago
Why Do People Dislike Me?
For 40% you are: Whee! You're just a wee bit too perky. You can scare people off with that perpetual happiness of yours. You're a great person to have around when one is in the dumps, but that little "always smile" thing can scare someone. Calm down. You certainly scare me.
19% of 85931 quiz participants had this profile!

i'm not dat perky tho... like sometimes yea but only sometimes
182 days ago
Aww, you're emotional. At times you can be happy, then you just swing to another feeling. You tend to feel sorry for yourself a lot. Lonely, sad, depressed. *Sobs* Perhaps if you grow up a bit and quit feeling self-pity, you could be making friends.

I guess I needed to hear that
205 days ago
This test is rigged it said I flirt to much but I have never flirted in my whole life
219 days ago
Regarding your comment about disliking labels and Stereotypes:
Stereotypes and labels are an essential part of our thinking process. It is vital in our understanding our world as it allows us to categorise and look for similarities. Mistaken assumptions are just a flaw in the system. If you’re interested, I would recommend read ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’ by Daniel Kahneman.