The Bri Theory- Are You Ready For This?

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Rated one of the best multi-dimensional personality tests on the web, you can’t go wrong when taking this fun and easy “Bri Theory” Quiz. It delivers a full analysis, future predictions, and advice! Based on the upcoming book, “Ideas For The Idle Minded”, you know this quiz will give you accurate answers to identify what your personality traits equal up to in a psychological diagnosis of your personality. Take this test and BE HONEST and the results might just shock you… This scientifically researched; analyzed, and accurate personality test will specifically break down your personality traits by your responses to researched psychology questions in order to give you a fully personalized analysis fitting your personality. Take it and see what your quirks add up to…

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    Important question

    Out of the numbers provided, which number do you think in your opinion best describes you? (Not based on a scale rating...just a number you favor over most)

    Numbers: 2, 4, 6, 34, or 100?

Comments (27)


someone (48678)
15 days ago
fits me perfectly !! except I AM NOT A LONER !!!!!!!!
Arden (42316)
24 days ago
What, not true!
totaly wrong, so mad, that whas a huge waste.
Daughter of Hades (11232)
61 days ago
I got profile B. How dare that lady cut me. *uses demigod powers* I will get her! *swears in ancient greek*
Dorki Dani (26620)
99 days ago
This is so accurate. I got profile b. The personality, career, genius level, everything was so accurate. One thing though. I’m saggitarius, and I’m not disloyal or any of those things. But anyways this is so accurate and fun!
Kustin (64385)
108 days ago
My phone won't load past 22
aliceliddel (67299)
116 days ago
I was expecting a knock-off of an actual psychological test, but this is not empirical or anything close. Pseudoscience and fake. Still fun...just wish they didn't make it click bait by pretending it was a real study.
Bell ringer (27411)
123 days ago
OMG so true!!!! I so loved this quiz!!
Cutiekats (10127)
163 days ago
What is this?
Jasmine (00469)
169 days ago
"HOT is to COLD as ______is to YOU"

how am i supposed to answer when i don't understand the question lol
Asia S. (83286)
170 days ago
Scaringly accurate....didnt expect that...of course with little bits and pieces from the 4 personality things(?) I got was really spot on.
Not tellin' (34493)
173 days ago
This is super wrong about me.
I'm NOT personality D.
This makes me sad.
Lukasssss (95725)
174 days ago
My top result was personality D, which is surprisingly very accurate. Thank you, haha.
Wow (07436)
185 days ago
My dream was to be a lawyer, looks like Im a lawyer!
camill (73368)
200 days ago
PAN ,touché ,vous m'avez scotché Bravo
rae (77776)
217 days ago
This honestly is so accurate for me. There are parts where it's strange, but I believe this was pretty good. I got personality D, but the second one after that was pretty accurate too. Remember, you're a person. The aspects of your personality come from the people around you, the things you do, books you read, movies you watch, people you admire. We're a constantly changing being, and no computer can calculate the massive personality everyone has. But wow, for getting super close is quite shocking.
fiji (56173)
219 days ago
um, i'm not a loner. however, the last few paragraphs described me pretty well.
nan (70627)
249 days ago
nailed it! to a "t" wow! amazing.
Gg (97502)
286 days ago
Ouh great...the results says i got all a b c d e profile......but the first tht came up top was d...hahahaha
obrea lynn keele (99434)
403 days ago
this describes me..... but just to be clear its the second one and im NOT a loner AND i DONT have ANYONE to be MY significant other AND i DONT have CHILDREN >:( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
girl (97263)
459 days ago
this actually describes me perfectly im surprised