The quiz statistic

What power do you have?

21.19 % of users had this result: Healing- You can see the hurt and pain in others and strive to solve their problems, even at a cost to yourself. Your beautiful and giving but you sometimes give more than you have, leaving you the one that needs to be healed.

15.4 % of users had this result: Destruction- Things that are good and right in this world anger you and you do your best to destroy them by any means possible. Some say this is in an effort to bring things down to your level, or possibly it’s simply so much fun watching things go BOOM.

21.93 % of users had this result: Shadow- You have the ability to cast things into shadow, hiding them from view. You dwell with the darker things in life, and though you can keep others from seeing what you choose, you don’t have that luxury and have grown cynical. However, that doesn’t stop you from trying to keep others from realizing just how bad this world can be.

41.48 % of users had this result: Light- The polar opposite to Shadow, you bring everything light not allowing anything to hide in the darkness. You are blunt and tell things how you see them, not disguising the truth from anyone and often disillusioning people. However, you are honest and everyone trusts you, knowing you will never lie to them.