How beautiful are you (scientifically)?

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10 Questions - Developed by: Cally - Developed on: - 793.484 taken - User Rating: 1.51 of 5.0 - 328 Votes - 16 people like it

See how you measure up!

  • 1
    Do you the right weight for your height?
  • 2
    How is your skin?
  • 3
    How tall are you?
  • 4
    When you walk into a room of strangers do you...
  • 5
    You normally wear...
  • 6
    Which most describes you?
  • 7
    What colour of eyes do you have?
  • 8
    Who is pretty?
  • 9
    Do you have big eyes? Tell the truth..
  • 10
    Does the width of you nose go past where your eyes start?

Comments (170)


Connie (88416)
6 days ago
Apparently I’m 40% fake....
Hypocritical (08794)
7 days ago
What does "does the width of your nose go past where your eyes start " mean?
Megg (95980)
24 days ago
Thanks I always hate my curly brown hair and triple coloured eyes and hate my freckles and occasional spots but apparently im pretty so thanks 4 the confidence boost
Dellia (81746)
30 days ago
I am actually very pretty with no makeup on because I don't even wear makeup but I never thought that because am pretty people would think am fake, so thanks a lot cause it explains why I have enemies around me plus am popular in middle school. So a big thank you cause it never came to me like that.
📚 (82528)
37 days ago
??? I am not pretty I have a lions main of untamed curls !! Lol
Don't know meh name (35547)
65 days ago
uuggggg im sooo uglyd YEEEE
Don't know meh name (35547)
65 days ago
It said i am 40% for profile A then 30% for B and 30% for C but i am still ugly in real life and I know it
Taylor (41431)
74 days ago
i got 70% on this test and I got 88% in another one!!
kind of a big difference but the should start doing face analizerse
Kristina Pimenova (67959)
76 days ago
Yep. You know what I got.
Maria (56260)
79 days ago
the hell.....i got "some people think im fake" is that a good thing or a bad thing????
LoVeYoUrSeLf (74587)
82 days ago
Beauty comes from the inside,it depends how to care toward people and yourself within your soul.Don't change yourself to someone your not to be pretty change the way you think about life.
Dont let a brick wall stand in your way
LoVeYoUrSeLf (74587)
82 days ago
TBH i think the quizmaker thinks brown eyes are ugly but no they're not.To those with brown eyes,
they're pretty no matter what. :)
LoVeYoUrSeLf (74587)
82 days ago
*health whatever well*
LoVeYoUrSeLf (74587)
82 days ago
Wow nobody is perfect so why did you put that for
C wow...Welll everyone your beautiful in your own way.Dont let them bullies get a hold of you while you be in the riches they'll be in the rags in their future,so LOVE YOURSELF.May what ever you believe in may the Gods God or what ever you believe in bless you with good healthy and luck and stablity.
Chloe (40654)
82 days ago
I got 40% it says that I'm beautiful and really unique in my own way! Omg yay!
Allie (42260)
93 days ago
Everyone, no matter what profile you got on this quiz, know that you are beautiful just the way that you are. You don't need to change anything about yourself to live up to society's standards, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and cannot be defined. Just be confident in who you are as a person, not what you look like.
Taylor (84877)
103 days ago
I got type A 10/10 test absolutely adore this thank you my confidence has never been higher!!!
choe (25969)
104 days ago
im fake? why would anyone say that! the ccreatore s the fake one
Annabelle (31416)
108 days ago
HORRIBLE! I just got something saying i'm not pretty and I need a new look! And it even said i'm fake!
Pup (69987)
109 days ago
Did anyone actually get 'pretty'?!! I think that Cally(that is the creators name) is ugly!!!