How Beautiful Are You (Scientifically)?

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10 Questions - Developed by: Cally - Developed on: - 806.158 taken - 18 people like it

This test looks at objective criteria to determine how beautiful you are. Have you ever wondered, "How pretty am I, scientifically?" See how you measure up now!

  • 1
    Are you the right weight for your height?
  • 2
    How is your skin?
    How is your skin?
  • 3
    How tall are you?
  • 4
    When you walk into a room of strangers, do you:
  • 5
    You normally wear:
  • 6
    Which best describes you?
  • 7
    What color eyes do you have?
  • 8
    Who is prettiest?
  • 9
    Do you have big eyes?
  • 10
    Does the width of your nose go past where your eyes start?

Comments (175)


cutegirl (02585)
189 days ago
The quiz make is so judgemental
cutegirl (02585)
189 days ago
Ahem i dont put on makeup or dye my hair and i am really cute irl so this quiz was inaccurate af and nobody is perfect so how could you put that for B???The quiz offending everyone in everyway >:(
Candydog (53830)
189 days ago
Also, what does ‘too fake’ mean really
Candydog (53830)
189 days ago
Which Christina? Which Britney? Which Mary? And how does that prove if we are beautiful or not?
Beebee (51671)
191 days ago
This is one of the worst and most inaccurate quizzes I have taken. It says I'm fake I've never dyed my hair I don't wear makeup cause I can't be bothered so how on Earth am I fake? Oh and people shouldn't think other people are 'fake'. I've also seen the other results and this quizmaker actually calls people ugly.There are no ugly people. Just cause someone might not be considered attractive doesn't mean they're ugly. Use physically unattractive and not ugly. The quizmaker is a really judgemental person and this is the kind of person you call ugly.
rose (17980)
192 days ago
This quizz says i'm fake... Well this quizz is the only fake thing here
pe (03407)
193 days ago
oh mybe the person who did this quiz is much more "PRETTIER" u kno what im sayin?
Love it (24347)
194 days ago
This quiz says I'm naturally beautiful in all ways and everyone wants to be around me. Profile A
annie (00582)
199 days ago
lol too fake? why, cuz i dont wear make up to hide my face and i feel good in my skin? this is as accurate as an atheist who say god exists scew ur quiz
Mc (95600)
200 days ago
I got that I was ugly and needed to get a new look. BTW people tell me I’m very pretty. Thanks a lot this quiz made me feel bad about myself. Even if you are ugly no one should tell you that you should change your look
JG (37255)
200 days ago
WHAT THE HECK?! I got profile A and it says that I'm prettyISH but I am "apparently" TOO fake! This quiz is kinda (A LOT) offensive!
Natia c (25295)
202 days ago
Whoever made this is probably ugly AF that’s why they’re saying people who are beautifuly naturally are ugly. Whoever made this 100% jealous
Dat Boi (92483)
203 days ago
This is so... If you type natural looking... You're somehow fake?
What is wrong with people?
ET (33687)
205 days ago
I got 70 % and I'm a natural beauty .
Mj (59307)
207 days ago
For being 60% I got fake? Probably because the person who made it scored lower and got petty.
unknown (93911)
208 days ago
i no rite, it;s so rude of them.
Syd (93911)
208 days ago
really this quiz said i'm fake when I know thats not true
Sara (25776)
211 days ago
Im ugly AF and everyone saying everyone is beautiful but when it. Comes to real likfe noone care.
mia (58832)
213 days ago
one says im beautyful one sys im fake ne says im too ugly to be seen in public what am i
Pop (49702)
214 days ago
F this test.we r all beautiful.