Which Totem Animal Are You?

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Ever felt an inexplicable connection to wildlife? Does the song, "Colors of the Wind?' from the Disney movie "Pocahontas" thrill you every time you hear it because it's like it was written and performed just for you? Do you have Native American roots? Take this quiz to find your Native American Totem Animal!

  • 1
    Which season is your favorite?
    Which season is your favorite?
  • 2
    Which of these trees would you prefer to be?
  • 3
    Which of these colors do you most associate yourself with?
  • 4
    Which of these do you most often feel?
  • 5
    Which of these qualities do you feel is the most important in a friend?
  • 6
    When angry, what do you most often do?
  • 7
    What bothers you most about the world today?
  • 8
    Which of these do you wish for the most?
  • 9
    Your idea of good weather is....
  • 10
    Your favorite subject in school is...
  • 11
    You would most enjoy spending a vacation...
  • 12
    Choose one.
  • 13
    If money and time were not factors, which college major would you choose to pursue from the following?
  • 14
    Would you rather...
  • 15
    Is your tone of voice usually...
  • 16
    Your best friend has just learned he/she has a terminal illness. Immediately, you...
  • 17
    Why are you taking this quiz?
  • 18
    What is your take on politics?
  • 19
    What's your favorite texture?

Comments (147)


Irvin (15137)
212 days ago
I am sooo above 47% on A.I have 50% to be the wolf of leadership and kindness 🐺🐺🐺🐺
Rob (35755)
217 days ago
I'm totally none of the above on 75% of those questions. So I skipped most. I already know that Eeyore is my spirit animal anyway.
marie (60539)
225 days ago
What is profile E? The profile of the Jaguar?
Rosie (51796)
225 days ago
I got 26% wolf and 37% eagle! I am more wolf than anyone in the world i think #naturesquad
auden (74481)
226 days ago
i love wolfes i love them for life my A was wokf
Diane (30567)
242 days ago
You are 100% I knew instinctively my Totem is a wolf. I wear a silver wolf medallion at times. It was made by an American Native Silversmith.
I also have buffalo rib crow amulet made by a Native A,\merican who knows about crows and me.
Kavel (41575)
243 days ago
53%Eagle 26%Wolf 11%Deer 10%Bear Of course I knew the Eagle has always been a huge part of me!!!!
Melissa (28843)
244 days ago
Haha I always knew I was connected on a really deep level to bears! I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Them!!!
Drew (54521)
251 days ago
Not enough choices. When it asks you why you taking this quiz it should ay 'Because I had no other choice. Please help me.'
LPs lover (70610)
255 days ago
32% wolf 26% eagle 21% deer 21% bear Yay
LPs lover (70610)
255 days ago
I am starting so I hope I am a wolf🐺
sharon jennings (89703)
260 days ago
50% wolf I'm happy with that
matt collett (89703)
260 days ago
I am a wolf 🐺 I'm happy with that
Sophira The Foxy999 (49369)
261 days ago
For 32% you are: A WOLF! Your upmost priority is leadership and kindness. You make friends easily and steadily, learn quickly, and care about others,hurting as much as they do when there having a hard time. That was my... Um thing. My true spirit animal is a white dragon.
WitchyChristian (46933)
268 days ago
Yes I'm an EAGLE mostly I like this quiz I just wish there were more results.
Rjay (27148)
284 days ago
Question 18 - So the options are A) agree with the government, or B) "DUHHHHHH wots a gubment?" The quiz maker is obviously either a wannabe-dictator or a moron.
Stéphanie (61448)
297 days ago
On question 8, I wish I could have chosen "world love"...
Sanyo (31519)
301 days ago
I think that no test can tell you your real totem. You have to find it out by yourself.
Leanne Dulton (17713)
301 days ago
42% wolf, I protect my friends with a passion
Eliza (25347)
306 days ago
I got 37% Wolf. it seems most of us have that. 11% on Bear. 26% on both Deer and Eagle. Y r there so many choices!!!