Do You Have an Eating Disorder?

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In our society, eating disorders are an epidemic. I'm suffering from anorexia myself, and I know that as soon as the problem is recognised, it is at least one step down the long road to recovery. So if you think you have a problem, be it anorexia, bulimia, overeating disorder or just issues about food that may pull you into one of the fatal traps, take the test to find out...

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    Someone gives you a box of cookies. What do you do?
    Someone gives you a box of cookies. What do you do?

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syd (08563)
22 days ago
Welcome. Grey, thanks for listening to me.
grey (22441)
26 days ago
Thanks so much, Syd, I told my friend and it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest. I still need to get around to talking to a doctor, but thank you so much for that extra encouragement, it really helped :)
syd (55275)
28 days ago
grey, you should consult with your primary doctor and see what to do from there about it. If you supported your friend though bulimia, she will support you too. So maybe talk to her and express yourself, I'm sure she will understand.
grey (24093)
29 days ago
I'm 160 cm (5'3), and I weigh 39 kg (86 lbs). I've always eaten healthily until recently where I've developed an obsession with food or becoming skinny. My family, especially my mother, has been worried that I have an eating disorder, but I denied it. I've been researching and finally realised something's wrong after I dropped almost 5 kg in a couple of months, I just don't know how to get help. My best friend struggled with bulimia and I supported her through it, but I'm scared if I tell her what I'm doing, she'll relapse. If anybody sees this can they please help me?
RANDOM (97356)
48 days ago
Guys & Girls,
Know that all of us are beautiful and perfect just the way we are. Even if you are going through hard times, it is possible to learn to love ourselves, and it is okay to be scared, lonely, and upset. I sincerely hope all of you will find peace in a world that can be so unrelenting. No matter who you are and where you're from, I'm rooting for you.
Here if you need me,
Niko (98910)
59 days ago
I’m a girl and for the past few years I’ve been growing obsessed with dieting and always failing to lose the amount of weight I wanted to lose. I have developed obsessive behaviours like constantly feeling my stomach all day long or wrappings my fingers around my wrists. I have images of thin people on my phone and I lose my mind when my face is puffy or when I’m bloated. Lately I started hating myself to the point where since last week I have no appetite and I eat as little as I can. I have a calorie counting app and it tells me that I’m not eating enough..but I’m happy about it. I’m happy that I lost my appetite. I eat my food very slowly and I feel guilty if I eat more than I think I should even though I have a really healthy diet. Even if I eat a vegetable after my ‘allowance’ For the day that I’ve set for myself, I feel bad. Do I have an eating disorder? I have never lost my appetite before. I’m not a binge eater though I’d binge eat sometimes but now..I genuinely don’t feel hungry and when I think about food, I feel full and repulsed though my meals are healthy and I pretty much only eat vegetables and meat substitutes.
Sara (98969)
64 days ago
I am 12, 5 feet 1 inch, and weigh 118 pounds. A week ago during PE, we were told we could all go relax while 10 people come at a time and take a height and weight test. My classmates saw my weight and I realized that I am way overweight compared to everyone else. I ran to the bleachers that day in shame. That was the first day I threw my lunch away.My friends know me as the food and pizza lover. But for the last week, I’ve been throwing away my lunch, not eating breakfast, and barely touching my dinner. My best friend asked me about this and I denied it, making up an excuse. I don’t know what to do and started to consider purging.
Unknown (45370)
84 days ago
I am an 18 year old girl, my height is 5ft 7in and I weigh 50lbs. I hate how I know I’m not fat because the scales tells me I’m not but when I look in the mirror all I see is fat! I barely eat! Let’s take today! It’s 6:30pm here and all I’ve eaten so far is 1 scrambled egg on 1 slice of toast, but I’m proud of it even though I know I shouldn’t be. It really messes with your head!
Abby (87393)
105 days ago
Okay so i really hated the question about my friends picking up my eating habits. I feel like hell all the time and constantly think about what I'm gonna eat next or what I didnt eat. I starve myself constantly and in no way would I want a friend to deal with that stuff.
Rachel (91696)
111 days ago
All my family and friends say im skinny but my friends are thinner than me and one said "You are thinner than me don't worry" And i know she lied because she is wayyy skinnier than me but thats the point she lied and now how do i know that my friends and family didn't lie about being skinny too?!?!
Beth (82794)
112 days ago
I weigh 4.12 and I go to my nans everun 2 weeks for the weekend. Weigh myself and I'm exact same 😨
Beth (82794)
112 days ago
Hi I'm really skinny and my friends are worried about me and I've kept my lips sealed about it vecauae people ask if my legs are ever cold because theyou bearly have any meat in them. 😣😢
Jaelynn (89237)
116 days ago
I'm 13 4'10"

I swear I suffer from Anorexia i weigh 90lbs everyday I feel FAT I don't eat at school my friend pushes my to eat but It doesn't work I give up -I live with ANOREXIA- Don't help it hasn't worked for at least 5 months...I look in the mirror all I see IS FAT...
Monica (89167)
123 days ago
I've always been a little underweight, but I feel so FAT. I just want to be pretty... my friends tell me I'm skinny and pretty, but I don't believe them...
jess (24114)
126 days ago
I have a problem with the question about a friend picking up the same eating habits as me. I would in no way be happy about that nor would I ignore it because I think my problems are more important I would be absolutely devastated to see some one I care for treating themselves the way I treat myself.
Ari (41806)
128 days ago
I just want to be thin. All I an when I look in the mirror is fat thighs fat stomach . I look disgusting even though I am normal weight for a 13 year old.
Lily Anderson (10037)
129 days ago
I want to look just a little less thin than Eugina Cooney. I know its bad for me but my family has a history with being overweight and I wont let it happen to me. Lately I have been forgetting to starve so I am 98 pounds. I want to be 73 pounds, though. I have a friend who is very skinny (not by choice just her metabolism is too fast) and I really think she is pretty. I just want my arms and my waist a bit thinner. and anytime I look down at the scale, my weight is either the same 98 or more. I was 80 pounds in the summer... I am 5'1 and 98 pounds I think its a normal weight but I like being underweight. I 100% realize when it gets dangerous (I got mono at age 10 and I was 54 pounds, which started my obsession) and I wont let it get me extremely sick. I just say Ive already eaten or straight up refuse and say im fasting for God. I am christian and ashamed so I should stop using that excuse. I want to lose weight without gaining weight!
Ally (32653)
133 days ago
I feel so fat.. I'm 4'11 and 106 and I have been yo-yoing my weight. My highest is 123 and my lowest is 88..... I can't do this anymore. I want to be perfect and I just keep eating and I don't know how to start. I purge then binge then starve and it's a cycle. I feel so helpless. Please... someone help me
Sara (87435)
138 days ago
I'm on a diet for a year now and I'm working out, six moths before I saw that I wasn't loosing weight as fast as I needed so I stopped eating and ate only one meal per day. No one seems to understand and I don't know what to do cuz almost nothing is working. Everyone is making fun of me for my weight.
random (15204)
162 days ago
hi. I'm 14 5'7 and 180. I play sports daily. run over a mile a day. I rarely intake food at all anymore. It started last year because i never had time for it, but then I started to get made fun for my weight. Told I could never get a boyfriend because of how fat I am. Or that the only reason I can float in swim is because I'm fat. I used to way 195, but in a month and a 1/2 I have dropped about 15 lbs. I don't eat breakfast and I haven't since 3rd grade, but now I don't eat lunch, and I rarely eat dinner. When I look in the mirror I don't see God's masterpiece. I see a fat piece of trash that nobody will ever like. And I have recently had to start tying my pants up which I have never had to do. My friends and family notice that I barely eat anymore and hey tell me that I just need to eat, but its not that simple. When I eat it makes me feel sick about myself. Imean my friend told me that every meal I eat he will give me a surprise and I tried, but I just can't. My mom thinks i'm trying to makeup stuff to get attention and my best friend thinks I'm just winning to get him to like me. But none of that is it. I have had an issue wth my self image since I was in 2nd grade, but it didn't bother me until around 6th grade and then it got bad in 8th grade. I just don't know what to do anymore. I told my doctor and she has me doing this like thing where I have to log in what I eat and how many calories I should be takng in a day, and I tried but all it says is that I on take in around 300-400 calories a day. Nothing seems to help me and nobody seems to understand.