Are you going to be rich, famous, and happy?

Developed by: Carissa

This test will tell you if you were born to be a star.

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    Do you enjoy singing or acting?

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camila (60750)
15 days ago
i will be a actress one day!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guitar genius (23734)
19 days ago
This means nothing i already have fans at the age of 12 and this test doesn't give enough options
upset (72600)
27 days ago
You're definitely not going to be a star unless you work on that attitude of yours. Acting is not just about the money. You have to love acting. If you're just in it for the money, it will show and everyone will know.

You have correctly answered 4 of 10 questions.
ABC123 (93588)
29 days ago
There should be no right or wrong answer anyone can be famous if they work for it.
hi (77462)
90 days ago
maria garas (76309)
147 days ago
there are no wrong or right answers. it says that im famous 6/10. like really,really?????
Tinkle (38793)
169 days ago
I hated this quiz I was born to be a star and the quiz said I wouldnt Be
The Best And Pretties Person Ever Bella (26556)
184 days ago
This was fun and interesting I guess
Angelina’s Jolie (26556)
184 days ago
Turns out I am Famous 10 of 10! And i was so suprized that I was an option for favorite actress of cousin I choose me
Gita (61582)
213 days ago
I chose the less selfish answers and i would do acting with no pay!
Lynnzie (62849)
491 days ago
Dont hate on ppl bc of their size,height,or fame i don't and I put my fans before my life i don't have many but when does that stop everyone else u shouldn't let hate take control and if ur ever stuck in a tough spot u will make it though bc I'll be there no worries😻😌😝
itsjojosiwa (73146)
493 days ago
i know im already famous but I wanted to know and I got 10 out of 10 questions right xx love my fans who reply :))
Sumeja mustajbasic (10600)
848 days ago
i was pretty mad for this like i want to be and actress so badly and how could i have answered correct on only 5 questions like i said how much i love acting and i love to have the camera on me and stuff im doing this again
Kaylin123 (93545)
869 days ago
I know I'm destined to be a famous country singer because usually they are bullied have a lot to say and have a lot of faith, loyalty, and truth. # never acting #lovecountry #bullied