Does He Like Me? For Guys Who Are Shy . . .

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Some guys may be outgoing, but when it comes to romance, they're very shy. Does he like you? Find out by taking this quiz for those kinds of guys who are shy about love . . .

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    Are you friends with your crush? If so, how good of friends?

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Anonymous girl (15000)
62 days ago
He is practically in love with you! It's those little hints that made you think he likes you right? . . . He's got a shy way of showing it, but there's definitely something there.
whoa never thought about that....But still cool......
I'm friends with this sweet and shy guy....all I can say that he is like really protective of me....and he always tells me that he enjoys being with me...he had change during summer 6th grade he was new to the school...and of...I was really mean to him...But then I change later on and we became the best...our favorite thing to do was punching each other on the shoulder...But in 7th grade towards the end of the school year..I thought it will be cool to bring back the good old days..But when I did it...he just looked at like...AS if we never done this before...and of course I told him..."Hey?...buddy aren't u going to punch back we used to do it remember"?? But when I said that he told me this..."But I don't want you to get hurt I care so much for you.." and then he started to walk me to my first mid school year...I asked him that he doesn't have to walk me it he said.."i dont like it when you walk alone and makes me feel sad inside.." I told him that I always walk with my friends?...But he still keeps saying that...and now when I walk to gym...I walk with him..and my friends...and when they are there they will say to me that they ship us and this and that..and he is like right there and hears it but he gets sooo clueless...and this one time I was heading to gym...and I felt sick for some reason?...and I told my friend that I don't feel well...and then he looked at me with a really sad face. And he wrapped me around in his arms and pulled me friends saw us and they broke it up.....and after that he was like so nervous and he was freaking out..inside his head...yeah I can tell.....when he is sad or happy..and when we text he always act different he seems more comfortable then speaking in person...and when we text and I will just show it goes "oh dang it sorry buddy but i have to go to bed now sorry...i will text you tomorrow" and he says"but i dont want you to leave you always makes me feel happy and im glad thT i met you. Dont go if you do i will be sad T^T :(" he actually sends SAD/ CRYING emojis to me...and makes me feel sooo bad inside of me...and then i end up telling him that I will kiss him and...bla bla...this goes on for like 10 minutes.... it what can I say.....OMG........JUST BY TYpings THIS ALL OUT...IT MAKES SOOO CLEAR THAT HE LIKES ME....OMG IM STUPID FOR NOT NOTICE THAT..UGH I FEEL HORRIBLE...OMG I NEED ADVICE....OMG AND THIS ONE TIME THERE WAS A SCHOOL DANCE. AND HE WAS GOING AND THEN HE TOLD ME IF I WAS GOING TO GO BUT I SAID NO...AND WHEN I TEXTED HIM HE TOLD ME THAT HE WISH THAT I WENT WITH HIM...HE SAID THAT HE FELT LONELY WITHOUT ME AND SENDED MOREEE SAD/CRYING EMOJIS UGHHHHH I NEED TO PAY ATTENTION MORE..
Oof (51416)
66 days ago
So here’s the thing, I am like one of the nerds while my crush hangs out with the popular kids.. I’m pretty sure he likes me because he always stares me in the halls (we have no classes together) and at the bus stops (we ride the same bus and live in the same apartment complex), he acts really shy but confident around me, and he seems to try to approach me to talk at the bus stop, but my brother is usually standing next to me (he’s a year younger than me, but he’s overprotective) and so he doesn’t. Also, we go to the same church and he stares at me a lot there too.. I haven’t told anyone about this crush because I don’t want people to make fun of me (by people, I mean his friends because they are popular and I’m not).. What should I do?? Any advice? Should I make a move?
TB (66745)
74 days ago
Hey guys, I need some advice. So I am a 13 y/o bi boy and some of my best friends and I have a little thing going. I have a lot of time to think about my next move over the summer. So I kind of lowkey have a few things going accidentally. I for some reason have a few people liking me and I kind of like them all back. So the first is a blonde girl who is slightly taller than me, and everyone, including me, says shes the prettiest girl in school. She and Ive grown very close in the past few months and she often times puts my plays with my hair and squeezes my arms and legs, so I think she might like me (also she's pan). Secondly, there is a boy, who has been one of my best friends in middle school, who is a few inches shorter than me, and is also bisexual. I think we've both made it clear we kind of like each other, but neither of us have made a move yet. And finally, I have an extremely gay friend who very clearly likes me. He even told me himself. Were about the same size but he has had about 5 boyfriends, id guess. We are also extremely close, and every time we see each other we squeeze hard into a hug. On the last day of school, when we gave our hug goodbye (which lasted about 5 seconds), he kissed my cheek. This has all made me nervous though. Both of the boys have dated each other, and the shorter boy has dated the girl. They all get along, but I still feel uneasy. I also have never dated anyone, and I havent come out yet as bi to my family. If anyone has any advice for me, simply say "to TB" at the top of the comment.
You (05276)
82 days ago
The answer is always yes, no matter what.
CrushingSoBad014 (79485)
141 days ago
Me and my crush talk on a daily basis, and I felt like he only texted me because I texted him so recently I've not started the convoy and see where it would go. He ended up texted me first and my heart skips a beat and I constantly wait for him to text back and my family is starting to notice. I do know he is bi and he has a crush on a girl and he won't tell me who it is. I just don't want to be to upset when I find out he likes another girl even though I encouraged him to ask his crush out. He does complement me a lot like subtle things like that I'm cute or something. From reading this you all are probably thinking I'm stupid and that he does have a crush on me. But I have my doubts, but I do want to be more then friends but I'm to shy to ask him out, I have kinda already told him that I might have been crushing but then we both blew it off. I need some serious advise!!!!!
Amelia Marti (71212)
158 days ago
Question 6 answer: idk. His eyes r pretty much black bc they're so dark. Cute tho 💗
V v g (66745)
165 days ago
Ok so I completely screwed up and I need help. So me and one of my best friends (who is gay) are extremely close but I found out he likes me after overhearing a conversation he was having and this week he built up the courage to ask me if I like him and I said softly no and then asked "not even a little?" And this struck me and made me feel guilty about saying no so then I said even softer "well I guess a little" so now I feel extremely bad because I'm straight and I got him thinking I like him back and I know I am a real jerk but somebody help me I don't want to make him sad!!
Love girl (12245)
181 days ago
Does He Like Me? For Guys Who Are Shy . . .

He likes you! You've caught his eye, girl! He's is interested in you! That little spark is burning bright, so just keep doing whatever you're doing, it's working.
YAY he likes me!🙃☺️😁💕🌠
Whale (07949)
185 days ago
He likes me and I'm officially blushing like crazy, this is amazing.
Unknown person (91861)
188 days ago
Yayyy he likes me OMG I'm so happy😀😀😀but the thing is that he does stare at me but we don't talk to each other but sometimes I catch him smiling at me😀😀😀😀
froggo (27987)
200 days ago
I KNEW IT HE LIKED ME A LITTLE. is this accurate tho?
monkey (99752)
214 days ago
he is in love with me!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:) (37613)
218 days ago
I'm kinda confused cuz he stares at me, but he doesn't talk to me. And also he acts secretive with his friend and they ALWAYS look at me for some reason. He was smiling when I presented something in front of class, but still doesn't talk to me or do anything, so I'm just confused:/
Oof (49638)
222 days ago
The thing is I don’t want a boyfriend and I want to stay in the friend zone!
Panda (03510)
223 days ago
He has a little crush on me. I hope so
cherry (75660)
236 days ago
he is into me
thank god he likes me back
we would make a perfect couple
dreams come true
Jeffrey M. (02772)
242 days ago
I want to come out to him soooooo bad, but I don’t know what to do, or say. Only my friend knows that I’m bisexual. Will he care that I have a gay crush on him, even though we’re 12? 🤗😐🤤🙄
Maryam (53984)
277 days ago
Yayyyy my crush likes me!!! 💗
Vanessa (27236)
322 days ago
I think my crush like me because I saw him looking at me then I looked at him back he look away nervously!!!!😊
Kelsey (85383)
379 days ago
So my crush is weird. He flirts with everyone (girls) and gives out hugs to everyone. He knows I like him and knows that I get VERY aquard around him. One time he fell asleep in class and his face was faced towards me and I had to focus on breathing normally the ENTIRE TIME. Like Icsaid before, he likes to give hugs. Near the end of School, he asked "Do you want a hug?" I had said no but he gave me a hug anyway. I'm not even sure wi I hugged back. Then one time after lunch I felt a hand on my shoulder. I had looked and it was him. "Hi" was all he said. I could barely even say hi back. He walked away with a smile on his face. I'M SO CONFUZLED WHY DOES HE DO THIS TO ME!?