Does He Like Me? (For Girls Crushing On Shy Guys)

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Some guys might be outgoing - except when it comes to romance. Does he like you, too? Find out by taking this quiz for girls who like guys who are shy when it comes to love.

  • 1
    Are you friends with your crush? If so, how close are you?
  • 2
    Does he ever look at you more than a glance? If so, how does he react when you catch him?
  • 3
    You walk into a class you both have and he's already there and has gotten down to work. What does he do when you enter the room?
  • 4
    Does your crush talk to you? If so, who initiates the contact?
    Does your crush talk to you? If so, who initiates the contact?
  • 5
    How does he act when the two of you are talking?
  • 6
    If you haven't done this, try it the next time you two are talking. Look into his eyes - now, how big or small are his pupils when he's talking with or listening to you?
  • 7
    You're in the middle of your worst subject and you've been trying to pay attention, but that dumb kid beside you is picking his nose, distracting you. Suddenly, the teacher asks you a question. You grin nervously. Your crush is sitting behind you. What happens?
  • 8
    Has he ever touched you?
  • 9
    Has he ever teased you?
  • 10
    The question you don't want to be asked....Does he have a girlfriend?

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5 days ago
Im so happy he really does like me even though i only known him for about 1 year his friends tease him that gave me a hint but i wasnt sure BUT NOW IM SURE!
5 days ago
YASSSS! DIS IS WAT DA QUIZ SAID: "He is practically in love with you! It's those little hints that made you think he likes you, right? He's got a shy way of showing it, but there's defintely something there!" AGAIN, YASSS! >:3YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!
7 days ago
I’ve liked this boy for one year now. One of the problems is that he is one year younger than me and is in my little sisters grade. The other problem is that I think my sister might have a crush on him too. I’m not trying to mean or anything but my sister is chubbier and even my mom says so. She also isn’t that pretty. So that’s actually not much of a problem. The real problem is that I think he likes me too. He is always staring at me in band and any other time we see each other
The problem is that my mom doesn’t really support boyfriends and I’m scared of him asking me out and me either having to decline and suffer, telling my mom and her giving me a lesson(which would probably involve her hating me and not approve of our relationship), or secretly date him while risking my mom finding out (my cousins go to the same school as me and are snitches). Please help, I don’t know what to do!!
( PS: He is like an inch taller than me)
10 days ago
Soo erm I like this cute shy boi, and all my friends say that he likes me too. Here's why:
1. He touched my hand (TWICE)
2. I tried making him jealous the other day by pretending to flirt with another guy. He looked away, visibly annoyed.
3. He was very impressed when he saw my grades at school (btw we're both sophomores)
4. He talks to me more than anyone in the group that we are in together.
5. I once asked a question in the group, but I got ignored. He immediately said "hey, she had a question"
6. I catch him looking at me quite often.
7. We lock eyes even if we're talking to different people.
8. His eyes become big and sparkly when we talk.
9. My mom thinks he's nice. Believe me when I say that my mom has met every one of my true friends.
10. When I yawned during a meeting, he yawned too! If people do this, they love each other.
Welp, thanks for listening to my crush rant. I want to ask him out, what should I do?
11 days ago
haha. i just read through A LOT of these comments. thank you for bringing me back to the glory days of crushes and confusion. a lot of you seem really young. here’s just some cute little universal advise i’ve already figured out at the age of 14 :)

1. every single human being on this planet is different. i wish these quizzes could be true, but every person you like has a different personality, ideals, ideas, and interests. they react differently to different things and show their emotions in different ways. i feel like I someone truly does enjoy your company you can feel it, even if you guys are quiet or awkward or argumentative or funny. you really just kind of know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
2. a lot of the boys i’ve had crushes on are gay. it’s disappointing that i’m draw to boys that like other boys, but it’s not like i’m going to date anyone anytime soon so there’s no need to really panic just yet
3. you’re not going to like your crush forever. i definitely still like some of my ex crushes just as people because they’re genuinely the type of people i like to surround myself with. funny, nice, understanding, genuine, and we bounce off of each other well. there are also some people who i’ve been friends/acquaintances with for a long time that i just barely started think about in a different way. but don’t stress when things aren’t going anywhere with your crush or you stop liking them in the same way. it happens all the time, and i atraso move in very quickly 😂
4. you don’t have to have “a type” in movies and works of fiction, people often have a type of person that they like. i almost NEVER had a crush on a girl or non binary person, but even among liking boys, the type of boy is always changing. for the longest time i was waiting to find out what “my type” really was. the closest thing i can say is they’re USUALLY smart, CUTE, nice, funny, skinny, tall, talkative, and weird. but that’s varies A LOT.
5. there’s isn’t THAT BIG OF A DIFFERENCE between platonic (friend) relationships and romantic (boyfriend, girlfriend, crush) relationships. there really isn’t. it’s a pretty darn fine line. a good relationship is one with respect, kindness, humor, generosity, shared forgiveness, criticism, honesty, laughter, and happiness. but those are all important things in a friendly relationship too. “boyfriend” is kind of just a label for a close friend that is a boy. when your an adult things are a little different for many reasons, including money, future plans, and true love, whatever that is, and other things i’m not going to say
sorry to rant, but that’s it! hope you just remember to have fun and not take anything too seriously until like, 16, 17, 18. maybe not even until 22! who knows. i honestly believe that you’ll be able to tell when you feel love
13 days ago
My BFF has a crush on a guy, and me her, a few others are in a group 'the odd squad'. The guy is in the group too. We're friends and all, but one of his other, closer, friends says this guy has has a huge crush on me. I don't know what to think, but now I'm developing a crush on him too. I'm stuck in a love triangle thing. HELP!!!!
22 days ago
Okay so like here's a reality check for some of your girls out their crushing (I am a girl myself so) Just because he shows little interest doesn't mean he likes you, I'm telling yall this now so you don't get hurt by the person you love, me telling you this is honestly better then the guy you've liked for so long breaks your heart, if he does not like you, he's not the one for you
22 days ago
He is a year younger than me and we play sports together in school (it's like we compete against other schools together) i am the team captain, and he is really good and we tease and mock each other all the time. He says my name in a VERY thick french accent even though his normal voice is COMPLETELY different. He has complimented several times about me being a good leader and player. He smiles at me when he walks past most of the time and says my name loudly a few times in public.when we are training, he is usually partners with me and always teases playfully and makes me laugh a lot. Once i fell over and grazed my leg when i was GA and he was GD and i still played but asked if i could play goal shooter instead of goal attack because you run less and when he saw me swap he swap to goal keeper for the other team so he could defend me. He would look at my leg and ask if i was ok and when i said i was fine in a bored tone, he started playfully chasing me to make me feel happy. he is really sweet but once in a game he saw a player from the other team and told me that she apparently had a crush on him because he knew someone who knew her. I was defending her and she talked about him a lot during the game. While he was intercepting the ball, he accidentally tripped over his player and she had to go off and he looked guilty so i said it wasnt his fault and asked if he was ok. he looked at me sadly and nodded. That half he played well but didnt look as happy. during the break i told him that the girl who apparently had a crush on him, definitely did and he nodded glumly and after that we played and every time during the game that he would look at me it was as if he was trying to tell me something. I kept asking if he was ok because he he fell over twice in the game (no graze just a trip) he would say i am fine and tell me to play in a normal but not joyful tone like usual. Afterwards he might tease me a little but he just lay down during the second game (we didnt have two games that week) it was hot so i assumed it was heatstroke but i dont know if it was me and that girl. when we were walking to the bus to drive us back home, we played a bit when i was trying to get the captain's book from the box that he was carrying cos we were both helping out. He would look at me and he almost acted normal again. But then he might zone out in tiredness later on while he was sitting down with his friend waiting for the bus. He would look at me and we'd keep eye contact multiple times on the bus and trying to catch each other's gaze as there were people in the way. I dont know what to do. I am leaving the school at the end of the year, i only have 2-3 months and he is a year younger and i am not going to the local high school. I have REALLY STRONG feelings for him but i dont know how he feels. Also our sport against school has ended so we might meet up to play if the teacher lets us but other than that we'll just past each other during break and stuff. Plus he's always with his friends and me too.
25 days ago
PLEASE HELP ME! he's the same age as me and we've done a project together and we had an absolute blast. we made each other laugh a lot. the thing is, i'm not friends with him [we don't really acknowledge each other's existence if others are around] but when we were alone and I was cutting something up, he started pushing the paper towards me and was super sweet and was smiling and stuff and he also touched my hand... idk :( and he gets jealous i think bc i'm really good friends with his male friend and he always tries to stick to that friend when I'm talking to him... and when I'm talking he gives me his full attention and stares at me... but also, I think one of his other friends likes me??I really don't know... please help me out! also, all of his friends like me but my friends don't like/know him, and he's also close to other girls...
27 days ago
Wow quite heartbroken :(
27 days ago
So I think I like this guy for like two years now. He is fun to hang out with. He also laughs at my dark or weird jokes which I find suprising. He is cute and has called me crazy a few times. I don't understand my emotions. Please help.
30 days ago
I just took the test for fun he has already asked me out yay
33 days ago
Omg he likes me! So happy!
35 days ago
He definitely likes you. The last story really convinced me. People only do that when they really like someone, or REALLY, REALLY want to be friends with someone. Considering you are of the opposite sex, the odds seem fairly low that he would be so anxious to be just your friend, and considering the other stories, it is lackluster he is crushing hard.
He doesn't seem likely to make a move anytime soon, however. Food for thought. Letting him know you are interested could move worlds.
35 days ago
Ok so since we can anonymously talk about our bois here’s my story:
I’m currently taking advanced math, 2 years ahead of me, and I’m in a class filled with juniors. I’m a freshman. None of them know (or at least I don’t think they know) that I’m a freshman, since they treat me normally. There’s this one guy - he’s really cute, and I’ve gotten to sit near him since school started. First we were next to each other, then he was behind me, and now he’s next to me again. He always smiles at me in the halls, says hi, and laughs and smiles legit anytime we’re interacting. He always makes eye contact, too. Plus, he’s super nice. I’m not sure if he’s just a really nice dude or he likes me. My friends are always like “guys aren’t that nice to girls they just met” but like... I’m not sure.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk
35 days ago
@Julie girl my crush is kinda the same way lol. We always end up smiling and staring at each other, but i don't know if he's just being friendly or he likes me, and we're both pretty shy.. I have another story; this happened yesterday, it would mean a lot if someone were to help me out and tell me what his actions mean!
38 days ago
Hello so I have a story to tell ...let’s call my crush Thomas...I’ve like Thomas ever since March since we “met” in this group that we were put into and ever since that day I’ve like him...I mean I’ve gone over the top thinking that he’s the one for me and blah blah coming back to school he’s in one of my classes .The first week he brushed past me and I honestly just thought about it and thought it was an lunch he sits with friends but doesn’t really talk so he’s definitely shy....when I come in class I feel like he’s looking at me but for a quick second ...bu the thing is I think his friend might like me but then again who would like my potato looking ass....😂💩like he’s looked st me and I think he might like me but of course he’s realllllyyyy shy like even shyer than me so I don’t think he would even talk to me ...I’ve found out that my guy friend knows him and I’ve told him that I liked him and the weird thing is that I liked my best guy friend at some point and told him as well so seeing them sit together st lunch makes me want to kill my guy best friend but I’m probably just gonna ask him some one time when we were at a contest for the group thing his mom came and he was being kinda mean and distant to her and the mom was like smiling st me and just might be making all this up...he might be in reality an 💗 or jerk but I’d don’t know there’s something about him that I just can’t ...get out....I’ve even had dreams about him where we liked each other and I’ve sneezed multiple times which means that someone may be talking positively about you (your crush specifically )(I’m wasn’t sick btw)
I don’t know ...I feel like he might like me a little tiny bit and this quiz showed it...but if he does like me ...he has to tell me...I might move across the country and well...that wouldn’t be very nice...
38 days ago
I'm already dating my crush, I just wanted to see if this was accurate XD
42 days ago
He is rude to me sometimes but sometimes when he makes a joke, I laugh with him then everything turns him quite. I don't know what is wrong
43 days ago
"He is practically in love with you! It's those little hints that made you think he likes you, right? He's got a shy way of showing it, but there's definitely something there. :3 So here's the deal: He's a Capricorn and last year we would talk a lot more, but now it seems we're both just too shy to start a convo with one another... One time in English, (i have a name thats difficult to pronounce unless you've seen it before or are italian) the teacher pronounced it correctly, but some of my friends decided to be stupid and joke around, saying to the teacher that it was actually the wrong way of pronouncing it. It was hella embarrassing, but half the class was being nice and saying it right and the other half were joking around and saying the wrong pronunciation...however, through all this, I heard and saw my crush getting annoyed at people and telling the teacher that she had pronounced it correctly the first time, so she listened to him. I felt really thankful, so I mustered up every single ounce of courage i possessed in my body at lunchtime, and walked over to where he sits. He happened to be alone and sitting down, with his phone in his hand. As soon as I got like 7 or 8 feet in front of him, walking toward him, he looked up at me, fully attentive and smiling a smile that literally made me melt inside. So I stood next to him and nervously thanked him for sticking up for me and he stared up at me smiling the ENTIRE TIME, I couldn't look directly at him; if i did i think i may have fainted from his powerful gaze.. ANOTHER STORY: I did a test on him; my friend/old crush transferred to our school and i had a bday present for him i had been saving since last november, so I told him to meet me by my current crush's lunch spot, and brought him the present cuz he actually went closer to my crush to say hi to other friends in the area, my crush didnt notice at all, then he opened the gift and started laughing and shouting, excited about what he got, making me laugh. I guess this got my crush's attention, cuz then he came and stood right next to me, looking over my shoulder to see what was going on. then he left, but my friend said she was watching him, and he came back again, then he was debating something with his friends (she claims he's usually calm even when he debates), and he seemed really pissed or irritated about something, and later on when i said goodbye to my friend, after lunch i usually see him walking to his next class talking and laughing with friends, but I saw him walking alone looking really triggered.... LAST STORY I PROMISE!!!: Actually, this happened a few days ago.. So we had to run on the dusty track in PE, and I was pissed cuz I was wearing brand new shoes that i had only worn twice, and had no change of shoes. So I was leaning alone against a shed, staring at the track angrily, and he was talking with a lot of his friends huddled in a large group. suddenly, i noticed out of the corner of my eye he saw me and broke off from his group, took like 3 steps in my direction, turned back, looked at his friend group, then continued walking toward me, and when he got to me, he kinda looked down and said "Im gonna..stand here in the shade ... because its too hot in the sun..", and i was still angry about the shoes, but I managed to give him a little smile, and I said "yeah, it really is too hot...", so he stood by me for like maybe 5-10 seconds, then slowly walked back to his group of friends... I wish i had something planned to say to him, it was so unexpected and awkward... later on, i made the stupid decision to sprint the entire first lap, so my legs were practically unable to support my body weight (even tho im hella skinny and fast), i was kind of hyperventilating just a little because i havent run like that for a while, and i noticed he looked pretty concerned about me.... well, thats all... i need u guys to be brutally honest; do u think he likes me back???