Does He Like Me? (For Girls Crushing On Shy Guys)

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Some guys might be outgoing - except when it comes to romance. Does he like you, too? Find out by taking this quiz for girls who like guys who are shy when it comes to love.

  • 1
    Are you friends with your crush? If so, how close are you?
  • 2
    Does he ever look at you more than a glance? If so, how does he react when you catch him?
  • 3
    You walk into a class you both have and he's already there and has gotten down to work. What does he do when you enter the room?
  • 4
    Does your crush talk to you? If so, who initiates the contact?
    Does your crush talk to you? If so, who initiates the contact?
  • 5
    How does he act when the two of you are talking?
  • 6
    If you haven't done this, try it the next time you two are talking. Look into his eyes - now, how big or small are his pupils when he's talking with or listening to you?
  • 7
    You're in the middle of your worst subject and you've been trying to pay attention, but that dumb kid beside you is picking his nose, distracting you. Suddenly, the teacher asks you a question. You grin nervously. Your crush is sitting behind you. What happens?
  • 8
    Has he ever touched you?
  • 9
    Has he ever teased you?
  • 10
    The question you don't want to be asked....Does he have a girlfriend?

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oh wow lily cool! i share a same story lol! also, i have blond and blue too.
this is actually basically right. i knew it! the quiz says he has a little crush on me. unless if this quiz is unlucky........
5 days ago
i like my freaking 💗 best frn...zeee
6 days ago
Bruh lmfao, my crush keeps looking at me and today he made eye contact with me when I was with my guy friend. aNd iT sAiD hE LiKeS mE but then he tells his friends he hates me. Crushes are confusing
9 days ago
I tested it on my crush's view and it was right - I like her
10 days ago
I have silky blond hair with sky blue eyes, and Bryson, has black hair, brown eyes, and is really funny and akward.
10 days ago
PS: Grace Geronime, you can just break it to him softly or, you could get him to like you back.
10 days ago
I am so mad. I used to like a boy Bryson in my class and now I don't right as he tries kissing me in class! He also said that I had the most beutiful soul and face! I need help from someone! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!
10 days ago
Okay this boy in my class Maxwell I have a crush on him I don't know to tell him 😠 someone please HELP ME
11 days ago
12 days ago
Well there's this guy named Daniel tht I liked since september but i actually started to grow feelings more toward December because like we started hanging out more and like he always sneeks glances at me and smirks (God what a heavenly smirk🤧💞💞) and so yea and we talk sometimes so idk and yup~Tragic lover 😅😅
14 days ago
he has to touch me we go to karate together and he usually ends up being my partner
14 days ago

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15 days ago
So.... I just saw my crush at the stinking mall.... he was there with his mom....... and we made eye contact...... but then we both just looked away........ ha..........
16 days ago
I saw my crush at the mall
25 days ago
I think it's right but I know he tripped over someone on purpose onto my head It never hurt I just don't like everybody crawling over me.
25 days ago
i've gone to a quiz to see if a guy i barely know who has talked to me a couple times and flirted once likes me. what kind of low is this lmaooo
26 days ago
Omg Hermione good one I love it!!
27 days ago
also I forgot to add but like I’m very bad at relationships, they don’t last super long. My longest was like a month and I get really awkward in relationships. So I’m scared by dating Leo it’s going to end fast and I’ll be my awkward self the whole time.
And like I’m stuck with him for the rest of Highschool, we don’t change classes or anything. But yeah I want us to get to know each other more but tbh I don’t know how long that’ll take cause like I already like him. A part of me is like hell yeah and the other part of me is like oh honey no you’re not ready for this.
27 days ago
Hello I’m back. Some juicy stuff happened with me and Leo.
Basically yesterday he was sick and said how he missed me and the others so much (note that he said me first), he told me that he was sick first and then he said it on the group chat. Today mmm that was interesting. He told me he was coming back to school again (and since I made the first move by putting a heart in our chats he did the same) and I was very happy. But apparently he had a secret and the whole class was curious about it (except this one girl who knew what it was but didn’t tell anyone) since they’re all close and they don’t keep secrets about it but he kept it (I thought it was because I was there so he didn’t want to say). After school he messgaed me again and I did say I was curious what the secret was and to my surprise he actually told me! It was that the girl in my class asked if he liked me because apparently there were some vibes between us. (He actually wrote that). He didn’t answer her though (or at least that’s what he said to me) and I said we should take it slow since we’ve only known each other for a week and if he does have an answer I’ll wait and I’ll tell him mine (WHICH IS YES OF COURSE!!)
Anyways after that he said I was a good friend so like... I don’t know if I’ve just been friend zoned.

This is kind of all over the place but this morning we were walking together to home room and I saw him looking at me so I kind of laughed “whattt” and he looked away and we both laughed together.
God I love him
Also another moment was during geo our classmates were talking about who swears and stuff and they asked me and I said sometimes, but I had once accidentally sworn a lot to Leo on text because I bought something on sister’s credit card by accident. So I looked at him because he knew I swore and we laughed together again.
Fast forward after he told me the secret I was talking about how I don’t want to go to school tomorrow because it’s my birthday but he insists that I come and he said that he’ll miss me.
Which is kind of likeeee.. after he told me I was a good friend and then this. I had to go to sleep so I said goodnight to him and he said goodnight to me and sends a heart after it.
He’s like sending me mixed signals. My friend said that he likes me but he might be too scared to say it?? I’m not sure though.
I’ll see how it goes tomorrow.