Do you have a chance with her?

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Do you and the girls you like have a chance as a couple?

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    How much do you like her?

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rafael (26313)
18 days ago
How can i know if i have a chance on this girl
Anonymus (30519)
41 days ago
We don't go to same shcools
FBoy (08623)
48 days ago
I like this girl at school and she likes me back it is super obvious she does like her friends will tell me she does but she keeps on denying that she likes me what do I do
samuel (11661)
49 days ago
Yes please help me Eliza I don't know how to talk to this girl without messing up her name is autumn mundis
Eliza (06030)
54 days ago
Hey. Yall want some advice from a girl? :3 talk to meh
Jj (22245)
83 days ago
so I like this girl a different girl this time. I told her I like her. She’s always the same. Messing with me. She’s just kidding. So when I told her I like her. She said aww. Today she talked to me but I don’t know what to do next. What? Do i just keep talking to her for awhile or what?
Yeah... (97640)
88 days ago
I like it how they refer to my girl as 'it'. She doesn't look like pennywise when I look at her :)
Logachu (01572)
134 days ago
12 years oldmet her this year and term 1 hasn't Finnished yet so probably doesn't like me
Carlos123 (59799)
154 days ago
she moved to the country, but she comes to visit once a month, and we still talk on the internet.
For the touch question my answer wasn't there, me and her touch but its because we roughhouse and play sometimes (NOT THE WRONG KIND OF PLAY GUYS)
Jj (39685)
162 days ago
I also what to know what I should do because this 💗ty test won’t help. And by the way she dose have a boyfriend
Jj (39685)
162 days ago
I need help. I’m the 17 year old who needs help down a little. I have more info. So we moved back and I talked to her and couple times. I can’t stop think about her. Do I still like her. Has something always been there deep inside. I need to know. Plz help
Violet (56889)
162 days ago
Me and her took it together and it said around a 50% chance to work out that maybe try a trial date
Friend (16027)
167 days ago
I think she feels weird around you since you asked. and is looking at you because she doesn't know what to say or do. give her some more time and if her feelings do change she'll come to you. Best of wishes :)
Friend (16027)
167 days ago
I think she likes you bro. Good luck :)
Ksaac (58431)
169 days ago
Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz answer me
Ksaac (58431)
178 days ago
Next person on plz answer me or help
Ksaac (58431)
178 days ago
This girl is my friend and she does footsie she flirts and she even put me under a bed and then started to tickle me she calls ma zie zie I call her kar kar what should i do she say she doesn't like me and we ar just friends and she only flirts with me but we are not bff
Helpless (91596)
178 days ago
I'm madly in love with her I literally wake up at night because I dream about her we chat and I love her how do I get her to like me
Archie (61314)
179 days ago
This test is awful. I know she likes me and it just said she doesn’t like me.
A 17 year old who needs help (70188)
184 days ago
I reacently found out this girl I haven’t seen in years has moved back and now goes to the same school. So today I decided to say hi. I didn’t exactly say hi, I just said as a joke you have not grown at all. See turned and saw me and said hi in a happy to see you like voice. And see said you haven’t grown either as a joke because I did grow. My point is after I found out she moved back something happened. I don’t know how to explain it. I use to like her. But I have the same feeling I did back in 7th grade. Someone please help me and explaine what I’m feeling right now. I can’t stop thinking about her.