Do I Have A Chance With Her?

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Do you and the girl you like have a chance to make it as a couple? Lots of people wonder about this, so I created a quiz to provide all of you with real answers. Take it now and find out if you have a chance with her! I hope it turns out the way you want, but if not, it's her loss, and I know you'll find someone even better!

  • 1
    How much do you like her?
    How much do you like her?
  • 2
    Does she talk to you often?
    Does she talk to you often?
  • 3
    What do you talk about?

  • 4
    Do you find her attractive?
  • 5
    Do you ever catch her looking at you?
  • 6
    Does she ever ask you to do stuff?

  • 7
    Does she smile when you're around?
  • 8
    Does she ever touch you?
  • 9
    Does she mind when you touch her?
  • 10
    Do you ever do things for one another, as favors or just to make the other one happy?

  • 11
    Is she comfortable around you?
  • 12
    How much do you know about her?
  • 13
    Does she know a lot about you?
  • 14
    Can you each tell how the other feels?
  • 15
    Do you think that she likes you? Be honest!

Comments (49)


1 hour ago
like the person below me, i've taken lots of tests, and all of them say this. i wanna kiss her.
138 days ago
Every test I’ve taken, I’ve always got “Go for it!” and things like that. I’ve taken around 15 or more tests. It’s a long distance so I rely on these tests to see if we have that connection (I can feel it and I’m sure she does too) It was love at first text I guess. Should I just man up and do it now? We’ve only known each other for a few months. I’ll give it another month.
180 days ago
I really like this girl and I'm telling her in and email(pls help me out here):
Look, (her name) I kinda have to tell you something. Umm my friend dared me to, well, I'll just get straight to the point (thinking out loud here).

Like the quote, "Unless I'm reading an assignment or doing a paper or taking a test, I'm thinking about you.” You probably know/you were told I used to like you, and, well, I still do. I have since like the school year started and that's pretty much what I had to tell you.

So, yeah. No comment. No response needed.
235 days ago
I am a girl took the test in his point of view need advice I got ya
253 days ago
I am good at badminton, football, swimming and athletics. But, I am get around 50 % in studies and I look black. So, I think she won't like me. And she gets good marks
326 days ago
I took this test when I was 23 and now I'm 30 years old and she is my wife, so 👍
369 days ago
I changed a few things and got her number in real life. Now that that’s happened, I took the quiz and got a different result finally! “She probably likes you…” is definitely an improvement.
396 days ago
@jess, the flame just isn't there anymore, but I think I like this girl I only text her but I asked her to hang which I think made it worse. Sorry I don't have any advice.
413 days ago
Mine says it could go either way!!
This girl I met I really like, she’s in my grade, 2 of my classes and she only rarely texts me
Can anyone give me advice?
414 days ago
Wow and 63 days later, I got the same result. I guess that means I should change something up...
415 days ago
I could use some help too..... im crushing on a girl, and i don’t know if she likes me :/ we hang out during school and talk and have fun and all that, but idk
Help pls?
415 days ago
@Dalen how did it go?
418 days ago
Thanks @jess I will use your advice
419 days ago
@Dalen If you want my advice, just play it cool! You two should just talk about stuff, like what you like to do, and maybe hang out together.... Just be yourself!
419 days ago
I like this girl, but she is in another class and a different grade we've never talked. My friends said that I should talk to her, but we've never talked before, it will be obvious I like if I do, any advice?
477 days ago
Aww... it’s bad when it says “it could go either way”
548 days ago
this is right, i know because it hasthe same results as literaly every other quiz. about to ask her out :D
562 days ago
I really love this girl at my school and she’s very hot I don’t think she likes me because she never spends time with me what should I do.
580 days ago
I help the mentally challenged at school, and so does she, but we’re a period apart. I’m gonna set that as common ground and hope that she hasn’t forgotten the past two years. To be honest, I think I’m the only person besides her parents and God who thinks she’s perfect. (*Awkward tension fills the air as you read that part* .-.)
678 days ago
How can i know if i have a chance on this girl