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Which Horror Movie Villain Could You Defeat?

40.14 % of users had this result: FREDDY KREUGER needs to stay out of your dreams. You have the strong will and inner control to handle this crispy killer's nightmares. Your powerful mind can not only withstand Freddy's haunting attacks, but also has a very good chance of taking him out completely. You could put an end to all these sequels once and for all.

21.98 % of users had this result: Your quick thinking, reasoning and ingenuity would do you well against ALIENS. Like Ripley, you have what it takes to wipe out an entire species of badass bugs. Those slimy monsters would need a third mouth just for crying as you come up with clever methods to nuke them off any surface.

14.71 % of users had this result: MICHAEL MYERS is your man. He's super strong, resilient and damn near indestructible, but you won't stop killing him just because he's dead. Your ears will forever ring with the Halloween theme as your determination and perseverance guides you to come up with another more explosive way to destroy him. Enjoy the clean-up.

19.07 % of users had this result: You are ready to take on the LIVING DEAD. There's only one way to survive against a flow of unending, hungry corpses: a rusty shovel. You have the violent streak of a blood-thirsty madman and would probably enjoy getting your hands wet knocking off a few heads. In fact, you might be better off in the film then loose on the streets, you sick-o...

4.09 % of users had this result: Your best chance of survival is against CHUCKY. This killer toy doll is no joke and you know it. When death comes knocking, you slip out the back. Chucky may hunt you, but you're quick on your feet and know he's on a time limit. You let monsters destroy themselves while you look out for number one. Bring on all the sequels you want, because a plastic demon doll will not be using you for his ceremony. (And besides, anybody who would call you chicken would be dead anyway.)