The quiz statistic

Which Saiyuki Character are You?

23.28 % of users had this result: You are Sonzo! The misbehaving priest, you are the irritable leader of the group. People envy you and tees you, but you don’t care. Go you! Your weapons are a gun, a founding scripture of Heaven And Earth, and a paper fan.

25.92 % of users had this result: Goku! You are like me, the childish, fun-loving member of the group. We like food and possibly fighting. You are very loyal and innocent, though sometimes naive. Don’t worry or grow up, people like you as you are and would miss you a lot if you left. Your weapon is a extending and contracting pole.

33.64 % of users had this result: The peace keeper, Hakkai. You can do anything with a smile and every one loves you! Your past might not be the best time of your life and you get depressed when you think about it Relax, that was the and this is now, besides your menacing side doesn’t become you. Your loyal and loving, Go You! Your weapons are energy balls.

17.16 % of users had this result: Gojyo, the women/men obsessed flirt. You are smart, but consecrate more on flirting than any thing else. You think no one can ever hurt you and when people do defeat the undefeatable you, your ego takes a huge beating. That’s ok, you’re a fighter to the end and like to argue about stupid things. Your weapon is a crescent moon shaped blade on a chain.