When Will You Die?

Developed by: lucy

Take this quick quiz to find out how much longer you have left on this earth...

  • 1
    Ever been shot?
  • 2
    Love playing with fire?
  • 3
    Like to think you can fly?
  • 4
    Ever jumped from a great height without a harness?
  • 5
    Wear a helmet when you're riding your bike?
  • 6
    Always wear your seatbelt? Honestly...
  • 7
    Do you live to take risks?
  • 8
    Do you just love copying crazy stunts you saw in movies?
  • 9
    Would you bother defending yourself if you were confronted by a group of six men twice the size of you?
  • 10
    Own a huge gun collection?
  • 11
    Love sharp, pointy metal objects?
  • 12
    You just love going on planes?
  • 13
    Ever been out in a lightening storm? Once or twice perhaps...
  • 14
    Would you ever go back to a firework if it didn't go off?
  • 15
    Ever turned on a plug with wet hands?
  • 16
    You're idea of the perfect day out would include skydiving, bungee jumping and abseiling down the Grand Canyon?
  • 17
    Ever been in a house fire?
  • 18
    You love seeing the lions when you go to the zoo?
  • 19
    Ever tried to kill yourself?
  • 20
    Ever thought about owning a gun (or do you already?)

Comments (2)


Freddie's girl 5185 (42454)
142 days ago
I'm going to die between 35-50,I'm going to die young like my hero,that sucks.does anyone else love Freddie Mercury? I do he is my hero,died at 45.😟
Ava (45852)
194 days ago
That was a weird test 😕