Are your "FRIENDS" really your FRIENDS? Quiz

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Are you true-blue pals? Or will your friends dump you the minute someone better comes along? Find out here!

  • 1
    How close to your friends do you eat lunch?
  • 2
    When was the last time you and your friends did something together?
  • 3
    You walk into a room and all of your friends are there. What happens?

  • 4
    Ok, Scenario 1: You & a friend are going to a fund raiser early Saturday morning so you're going to stay w/her on Friday night. She said she'd IM you by 5:30pm to say when she will come and get you. It's now 6:45pm, you're
  • 5
    One of your friend's is supposed to call over the weekend but she never does. What's her excuse?
  • 6
    How well do your friends know you?

  • 7
    How many true friends would you say you have? Out of 12
  • 8
    When do your friends talk to you?
  • 9
    When choosing partners for a project, who does your friend choose?
  • 10
    How much time do you spend around/talking to your friends?

Comments (18)


416 days ago
I knew it they are my real friend. they support me in any way.
PS. I never knew the popular girl got real friends.
426 days ago
I saw this coming… we’re not friends...
1189 days ago
1251 days ago
i have never been close to my friend i have only went over to a friends house maybe 5 times in my life mostly all in middle school and my last time was freshman year in high school but until vary recently i thought that lunch time chats and occasional talking in classes was normal but no i guess people talk out of school and go over to there house on occasion i mean i guess because im the only guy in the group that means im not as close to them as they are to each other but i wish they could talk to me threw texts.
1268 days ago
My friends didnt even wish me happy birthday but I don't k ow how 5o dump them because I'm too nice, any advice?
1273 days ago
my "friends" aren't really my friends, fantastic. i knew it all along. i am friendless. yeet yeet my dude, my life is really popping
1443 days ago
I got this 50% Girl, maybe you should create a ring of other friends, because it sounds like these girls are making some 'secret plans.' First of all I’m a dude. Second of all my friends are real
1477 days ago
I got 60%. I know my friends for a long time in till today. One of my friends started wearing makeup (Or should I say bat poop) just because she thinks it makes her look emo! I mean they have a new friend and she is like rude sometimes and they enjoy her. Then two of my other friends started COPYING her! Then my real friend thought the makeup looks good and she is laughing with them and when I walked into the school they were talking about texting and when I came in they stopped talking. Well my real friend stopped talking. She knows I don't like that kind of thing which I don't but that doesn't mean I was going to judge them. I don't know why but it seems like my real friend is trying to be like them. Soon I'll be friendless but it's not like that I would care. but really? My stupid friends are now acting like their CCP! AND I HATE IT! :(
1598 days ago
One is mazin. One sux
1609 days ago
Sometimes I feel like my friends would rather avoid me, but it's just for that moment, they make it up extra at the end or at lunch, recess, etc. oh, the next person who sees this, have an AMAZING day!!!
1626 days ago
For 70 % you are: You and your friends are True-Blue pals! They would never even think about droppings you! Congrats on finding such great people to hang out with!
1664 days ago
Woo hoo my bff Aaliyah is actually my bff
Even though she like totally forgot about me!!
1676 days ago
Too late they have dopped me and being mean and bullying me. Yesterday i got picked up early from school and thank godness i did because my 'friends' where being so mean to me and on the way out they started throwing something at me and of couse the teachers werent in the room
1715 days ago
So i used to get into fights with my bff alot and we would avoid each other....but one of my friends(eunice)would find some way to help us get back together and im really thankful for her help everytime,but shes not my bff but she is 24/7 close friend to me.....:-P
1726 days ago
Well... guess she doesn't like me anymore :')
1786 days ago
I knew it! None of my friends are real lol. Now how the heck do I get rid of them...?
1800 days ago
So I only have 3 real friends.... yay?
1838 days ago
YAY!! my friends are really my friends!!