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How ginger are you

Developed by:

this is to test how ginger you are:)

  • 1
    Hve you actually got ginger hair?
  • 2
    is your name mark?
  • 3
    do you wear glasses
  • 4
    do you like school
  • 5
    do you wear a nike tn hat?
  • 6
    do you tag along
  • 7
    have you actually got a friend
  • 8
    do you wear two stripe fake adidas
  • 9
    do you have your own bedroom?
  • 10
    do u dream of women more than once a week
  • 11
    do u know how 2 animate cartoons or games from code?
  • 12
    are you been honest so far
  • 13
    do you like busted or mcfly
  • 14
    can you name more than 2 50 cent songs
  • 15
    do you go to the shopping centre on the weekends or stay in on your computer making games or websites
  • 16
    do you brush your teeth.......times a day
  • 17
    do you talk to girls/boys on the internet and make out your cool when your not
  • 18
    do you take sympathy of girls/boys all the time and make out you are unhappy
  • 19
    nearly the end did you find this quiz easy
  • 20
    finally have you ever been bullied or bullied someone?

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