Are you cheap?

Developed by: kiddy

Find out how cheap you are.

  • 1
    You go to dollar stores.
  • 2
    You pay for stuff from dollar stores.
  • 3
    You buy stuff from thrift stores.
  • 4
    You pay for stuff from thrift stores.
  • 5
    You shop at Wal-mart or K-mart.
  • 6
    You save your money for a long time, then when it finally adds up, you have enough money to buy gold.
  • 7
    You've never bought a pair of pants that costs more than $60.00
  • 8
    You prefer cheap perfume that smells nice to heavy perfume that stinks.
  • 9
    You hate spending your money, unless you really want something.
  • 10
    You look for money everywhere.
  • 11
    You look for the cheapest stuff when buying school supplies.
  • 12
    You've bought food from a dollar store.
  • 13
    You've bought accessories or clothes
    (excluding socks) from a dollar store.
  • 14
    You've gone to the cheap haircut or hairstyle place, just so you could pay less.
  • 15
    You will use up a whole pencil, even if you can barely write with it anymore, untill it's gone.
  • 16
    You've bought someone a gift from the dollar store.
  • 17
    You've bought someone a small gift from Wal-mart or K-mart.
  • 18
    You love dollar stores.
  • 19
    Working at a dollar store is your dream temporary job.
  • 20
    You like buying science text books from thrift stores.

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