Why Am I Still Single? (For Females)

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Ever wonder why you can't seem to get a man? Ever wonder if love is in your stars? (Ever wish people would stop ASKING you about it?) All the pressure to find a man kind of makes you want to give up, doesn't it? But wait - maybe you'll find out something helpful by taking this quiz!

  • 1
    Which of these is your favorite thing to do?
    Which of these is your favorite thing to do?
  • 2
    The last time you had a major crush or a boyfriend...
  • 3
    Why do YOU think you don't have a boyfriend yet?
  • 4
    What kind of guy do you usually fall for?
  • 5
    In two words, you are mostly:
  • 6
    Of these, you are the most ashamed to admit that:
  • 7
    Your crush starts being mean to you for no reason. It hurts, but you can't just let him pick on you, so you...
  • 8
    You would most like to know what it's like to (or you most enjoy to):
  • 9
    You become most nervous when...
  • 10
    You consider yourself...
  • 11
    Do you feel insecure about not having a boyfriend?
  • 12
    You most enjoy reading...
  • 13
    When you dream of him, you dream about...
  • 14
    Do you stare at your crush in class?
  • 15
    Why did you take this quiz?

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Comments (112)


3 days ago
im a senior and ive been liking a really close friend since grade 8...
4 days ago
The only thing it got right was that I'm really independent. ( I'm in 6th grade ) and I know that no guy likes me!! #SingleForever ✌🏻
18 days ago
lots of boys like me... no way
18 days ago
It said I’m still stuck in middle school and should go for it. Idk how. I’m so insecure and I’m also thick. I just wish I could gain confidence and go for it. I also like guys who are totally out of my league. 😖😖😖
26 days ago
I am 30 years old. Single. And rather cute. O don't know why guys don't take to me. I hit it great for a week, to a month. Then they just run away.
35 days ago
I have 2 crushes right now (I'm in 6th grade) and I just found out that they are both gay, I don't have a problem with it I just kinda wish they weren't so I would actually have a chance, then my friend decided to make the joke that maybe they would get married one day..... I hate my life😒
35 days ago
It told me that I would stick to only one mans and fall head over heals for him while I have a second crush lmao
35 days ago
My crush (who has been with about 10 girls) admitted today that he had only been with every girl he'd ever been with for attention and he liked my bff throughout every relationship😭😭He is such a player and I'm trying to get over him😭😭💔
42 days ago
I got emotionally still in middle school, maybe that's because I'm in 8th grade? Lmao
45 days ago
Now I hate having feelings for this kid. We are in 8th grade and I’ve basically liked him on and off since 6th because i Find him cute. I would just stop liking him after he was rude and acted like a 💗 but I find the feelings come back. There have been moments last year and this year where we were close but than the next day it’s like nothing happened with him... and than thats when I remember— He has a girlfriend 😭 So Im single probably because i Can’t find anyone who is Available and that I have constant feelings for.
46 days ago
Im a girl, and I am known as a “bi” freak. Hah, insecure about my gay side.
46 days ago
This test...I have a question. It says I’m sensitive, but another one saying I’m tough. Also, I hate how this quiz talked about straightness love. Cause, tbh I’m as gay as a rainbow.
47 days ago
Apparently I don't approach the guys I like...but he and I have been talking a lot recently sooo... I just wish he didn't act like we never talk when his friends are around :(
56 days ago
Wow it was actually true and yes I am in middle school but I%u2019m actually just afraid to get my emotions hurt and I%u2019m afraid to love but yet it%u2019s hard because of my past my father and other people broke my heart before a boy ever could...yet my ex did multiple times...and yet I still want someone who I know will be loyal and I can trust someone who will understand me and someone ik will never ever break my heart,....someone I can always talk to and open up to....someone who actually likes me for me
66 days ago
Ik that this is probably right. I'm so independent and try so hard to look tough that I really just look like a noob.
74 days ago
I always choose ones that end up liking somebody else, like at one point I liked three boys at once and they all dated/ liked someone else.😕🙁☹️😟
77 days ago
Me and my best friend have a guy in our friend group and he is the one I REALLY REALLY like but I'm scared to tell them. *My friend and the guy I like I even have his name saved in my phone as crush ❤️😍😘🥰
81 days ago
This quiz is amazing and I really recommend it to all you limelight ladies!!
109 days ago
Lucy I’m finding a right man. Thanks
118 days ago
Lol its probably because I'm into girls