Are you a punk, prep, nerd, or jock?

Developed by: Rachel

I know that some of you people out there are confused about where you fit in. Well this test will clear that confusion. So answer honestly and see where you fit in best.

  • 1
    Out of these choices who is your favorite band?
  • 2
    What colors do you normally wear?
  • 3
    What kind of shoes do you wear?
  • 4
    How do you wear your make-up?
  • 5
    What group do you think you fit into?
  • 6
    Your friends are usually....
  • 7
    Where would you rather shop for clothes at?
  • 8
    Your ideal date would look like what?
  • 9
    What are you doing on a Friday night?
  • 10
    Do you think this quiz will help you realize where you fit in?

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