Are You a Love Addict?

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  • 1
    I am very needy.
  • 2
    I fall in love almost over night.
  • 3
    When I fall in love, I obsess. I can't help myself.

  • 4
    When I am looking for a relationship, I will get involved in almost anyone who shows interest in me.
  • 5
    I tend to smother my partners.
  • 6
    I will hold onto a relationship no matter how unhealthy it is or what the cost.

  • 7
    I always fall in love with the wrong people.
  • 8
    I either trust the wrong person, or I can't trust at all.
  • 9
    When a relationship ends, I feel as if my life is over.
  • 10
    When a relationship ends, I want to kill myself.

  • 11
    I take on more than my share of responsibility for the survival of a relationship
  • 12
    I find myself loving people from a distance.
  • 13
    I really don't feel good about myself.
  • 14
    I really don't know who I am.
  • 15
    Sometimes I feel superior and other times I feel inferior. I rarely feel "just right."
  • 16
    A lot of the time I feel alienated, as if I don't fit in.

  • 17
    I can't stand being alone. I don't enjoy my own company.
  • 18
    I am very lonely when I'm not in a relationship.
  • 19
    When one relationship ends, I get into another one as soon as possible.
  • 20
    I am terrified of never finding someone special to love.

  • 21
    In relationships, I don't know where my needs, wants and values leave off and my partner's begin.
  • 22
    I can't say "No" to my partner.
  • 23
    I try hard to be who my partner wants me to be. I will do anything to please him or her.
  • 24
    I have very few interests outside my relationship.
  • 25
    I will suffer rather than let go of a relationship.
  • 26
    When I start to get involved with someone, I become terrified that they will do to me what others have done in the past.

  • 27
    I am very controlling in relationships. This is the only way I can feel comfortable.
  • 28
    I don't know how to fight fairly. I attack people when they disagree with me, or give them the silent treatment.
  • 29
    I am very sensitive. It really hurts my feelings when people criticize me.
  • 30
    I react negatively to anything that feels like rejection.

  • 31
    I just know that a romantic relationship is going to be the answer to my problems in life.
  • 32
    I don't have the energy to make life better.

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