How long till you get your period?

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How long?

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    How old are you?

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lol (44435)
57 days ago
when they asked what country I was like where is newzealand
Alicia (94748)
68 days ago
11-16 months. Well I have a long time to prepare
Jasmin (26317)
74 days ago
Can some one estimate please

12 years old

Alot of discharge

💗 nearly b in woman bras

My mum got hers when she was 15

Loads of cramps and mood swings lately

Hair down there fully grown

Armpit hair half grown

Please astimate
LOLpoppop (35891)
76 days ago
Lali B. -
you probs have between 2 months to 5.
Lali B. (05825)
77 days ago
Updated version
I’m still 10 years old, my pubic/armpit hair is almost fully grown, im still in Kids XL padded bra but almost in Women’s XS, even though I made the old comment 28 days ago in that time period I started to have discharge and when I get discharge I mean like the Mississippi River kinda discharge because it’s just so much! Btw I started getting discharge 3 weeks ago!
My mom got her period at 12 years old and I really want mine because I want to relate to all my friends more! SOMEONE PLEASE ESTIMATE ME!! I NEED TO KNOW WHEN ILL GET MY PERIOD!!!!
Anonymous 12345 (60652)
102 days ago
Let me just say, don’t stress over tests like these! I’m 13 and I got my first period 2 weeks ago! I was excited to get it and unlike most people who wished for the period fairy, I didn’t hate it once I got it. The cramps sucked and it lasted 5-6 days but it wasn’t horrible like people say. Anyway, I used to take tests like these all the time! Literally like two or three a week for probably a year and a half (both my mom and my sister started a year younger than me so I was worried I wouldn’t get it at all)! Every single one of the tests would always tell me I would get my period somewhere between 8 months to 2 years from now. Look what happened! If you’re dreading your period and the tests says 2 months it may not be accurate. If you’re hopings for your period and the test says 2 years it may come sooner. That being said it could be right. My point is you really can’t predict these kinds of things. If you’ve started puberty (even if you haven’t been in puberty for long) I would recommend getting a box of pads and panty liners to keep around the house. You can wear the panty liners for discharge and put a 3-4 pads and liners in a small bag to throw in your backpack. Be prepared but don’t stress! It’ll come eventually and chances are it won’t be as bad as you think!
Mel (74491)
103 days ago
Can someone estimate me?
Boo bs: growing beyond the tissue and are becoming more full (started developings when I was 9 I'm 11 now. My nipples started growing when I was 8 but very slow)
Cramps/bloating: multiple times a day (this started about a week ago)
Discharge: had it for over 9 months and I have so much sometimes I feel like I started my period down there..
Pubic hair: bushy and curly not quite full. Been developings for a year
Acne: I woke up one day and my face was full on pimples. I've never had acne come so fast.
Pain/aches: I have a lot of them. Especially on my lower back and knees and I also have a lot of headaches.
Tenderness: my bo obs hurt when I touch em..
Mom: got it at 12
Spotting: sometimes my discharge is a faint red or I see a little blood in my underwear. This happened 2-4 times)
I've took series of tests. Normally they'd say between 2 weeks and 4 months. and some say 2 years or just under. I'm so confused. Please estimate me .
Lali B. (05825)
105 days ago
Sorry for my bad spelling for taying i meant starting
Lali B. (05825)
105 days ago
Im 10 and a half years old, my pubic hair is fulley grown and like a forest, my armpit hair is also fulley grown I have to cut it so it can’t be seen, I’m in an XL Kids bra almost women’s, I have no discharge at all but once I did see a tiny spot of blood (I think) on my underwear, my mom got her period at 11 or 12 years old, and I’m waiting for my period to come because my bff has her period and I really want mine, I’ve also been have some stomach aches (I think they are stomach cramps but I’m not sure) and now it’s tarying to worry that I’m not going to get my period, SOMEONE PLEASE ESTIMATE ME!!!!! I NEED TO KNOW WHEN I WILL GET MY PERIOD!!!!
Btw the last period quiz I took it said that I would get my period next month but then this tells me 5-8 months! I DONT KNOW WHATS RIGHT ANYMORE, and I have a lot of sudden mood swing changes.
Grace (43467)
117 days ago
I have anxiety and irrational fears :(
I freaked out, and thought I was pregnant...
But, before anyone says anything, I AM A VIRGIN, AND WILL BE UNTIL MY MARRIAGE.
There is no possible way I can be.
My mom told me there are signs of a first period- Small acne popings up, light pink spots (In my underwear), gas, cramps, junk cravings, breast tenderness, growing breast tissue in both, growth spurt (4 in.), A LOT OF 💗l discharge, getting irked over small things, insomnia (I have to take melatonin), And anxiety. I really want my first period, but it is not coming! Thus, I believe (And freak out over) being preggo. It staples my fear into my mind. Please reaasure me...
Signed, Grace
anesipho (59853)
118 days ago
Iam worried that maybe. Iwill not get my period.
Violette (56624)
119 days ago
Hi @Eva, your developings really fast, because I didn't have breast buds until I was nine, I'm 11 and just starting to get pubic and underarm hair. You are probably going to get it pretty soon, I would recommend getting some pads or tampons and keepings a few in your backpack on case it happens at school.
anonymous (53746)
126 days ago
lol girls live up the freedom while you can... mother natures gonna hit you like a wall of bricks
anonymous (53746)
126 days ago
@ Me sounds like you'll get It pretty soon! I had acne for a long time before I got my period so you must be really lucky haha. I would guess maybe a month or two. My advice is to just be prepared and keep a tampon on you just in case you start soon. congrats and good luck!
Me (24894)
130 days ago
Hi, , can someone estimate me?
I'm 12 (my mum had it when she was around 12-13)
My breasts are A, they have been developings for 1-2 years and are really tender
I'm starting to get hair on my armpits, there are only a few hairs but the are dark
"Down there" the hair fully covers the area and is dark, thick and coarse
I have a lot of leg hair and have to shave at least once a week
I haven't got any acne but I do have a few spots and oily skin
I have been getting discharge for at least 1-2 years and I now get so much I need to wear a pants liner every day, now the discharge is a slightly yellow/light brown colour
I have definitely been having a lot of mood swings but I have for a while
I get a few (what I think are) period cramps a week but they aren't as bad as people say they are.
jade (27164)
139 days ago
FAM do u even know what you typings why are u asking where people live
Eva (56220)
142 days ago
Can you estimate me?
I'm 8, same age as my mum was
My 💗 are DD, have been developings for a year.
My pubic hair is fully grown, have to shave my armpits and area once a week
So much leg and arm hair its honestly unbelievable.
No acne, but I don't think I'll ever get it because my skins naturally quite dewy and moisturised anyways.
Please help BC all the boys in my year are crushing on me! Any advice?
charla (07335)
161 days ago
I am 12 and I have done many quizzes and have figured an average of 5 months and this told me 11 to 16 months.
Caitlyn (14884)
162 days ago
Discharge- a lot everyday, had it since 1 year an a half ago.
Pubic hair- halfway developed
Leg and arm hair- a lot on both
Armpit- long light brown hairs
💗- small triangular. Definitely growing
Cramps: really hurts. Get them everyday
Mood swings- really bad. Get them everyday.
Age- 12. Same as my mom

Please help me. I really want it
Me (70746)
162 days ago
Estimate me please
Breasts: quite small (but it runs through my family) they are triangular but starting to get rounded out
Get discharge everyday but irs usually not too much (i do have heavg days though)
I have quite alot of dark pubix hair which is startes to curl
My armpit hair is mostly thick and blonde but i have some long curly brown ones stixkinf out.
I shave my leg hair
My body is starting to shape more. My hips are getting wider and my waist is getting slimmer