Just how stupid are you?

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Are you the next Einstein or are you destined to spend the rest of your life in a nut house?

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    What is Barney's favorite color?
    What is Barney's favorite color?

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851 days ago
I'm ma ma ma stupid.
895 days ago
Answered all of them right
895 days ago
I saw this on Google
Barney is a dinosaur of our imagination!
And when he dies he'll smell like fries
And nasty old used toilets!
Uhhh what is that????
1019 days ago
Immm stupid!
no wonder my cousin tells me that
1316 days ago
i am pretty dumb even my friends and boyfriend think so
1768 days ago
What does knowing or not knowing the favourite colour of a character of a show has to do with being stupid or smart
1824 days ago
Uh... i don't know?
1861 days ago


idc means i don't care