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But I Can't Get Over Her!

30.15 % of users had this result: Believe it or not, I think she probably likes you. You guys have quite the history going, but it's made things hard for you. You might be mature and crazy for her now, but she can't get past what happened before. If she tries to talk to you, talk back. You two need some NORMAL conversation; that means talking that goes beyond the sarcastic flirting you two try to pull with each other. Find something you know she likes, and try to start a conversation with her over it--out of the blue. I am almost positive she will respect that, and it'll break the ice. Otherwise, she's not worth your time.

40.28 % of users had this result: Lucky for you, you and this girl are pretty tight. Unfortunately, you're pretty tight. See, she is scared to ruin your friendship, and to girls, the most important thing is friendships with the guys, anyway. Luckily, you can talk to her about it. So go ahead. Ask her to that dance, and dance a little closer this time. See where basic, intimate stuff like that can get you.

7.92 % of users had this result: Do not get back into a relationship with this girl. Leave her be. I know it is tempting, but unless she seriously comes on to you, I think you both will benefit from space and time away from each other. You need to think about another girl; you'll find that the feeling of having a new crush is pretty neat after years/months of thinking about this girl. Sometimes we just gravitate to what we are used to, and you keep referring back to her. Take a risk and try to get away from her. She's poisoning everything that is you.

21.65 % of users had this result: You poor guy. You don't even know her. You just sit there and stare, and you're too scared to talk to her. You know, girls like having guy friends; it's lots of fun. And you'll notice that she says 'hi' to her guy friends like it's nothing. So try being one of them. Start a conversation with her in class, then just start saying 'hi' to her. Unless she is completely mean and not worth your time, she'll like that.