Do you really want to know if he likes you?

Developed by: Noneof Your Business

Most the crush tests they had here didn't have questions that apply to me, since I only see my crush at school. As a result to that, I would get an answer like "Sorry, but you're better as friends", when I was positive he liked me. If that has happened to you, or you just wanna know, go ahead and take the test.

  • 1
    When you walk in the classroom, does he look at you? Homeroom counts too.
  • 2
    In a situation wit me, my crush mouthed, "You're cute" and when I asked him what he said, he said something else like "You're cool". Has that ever happened to you?
  • 3
    The age old question. Does he stare at you alot?
  • 4
    Where does he sit at lunch?
  • 5
    Does he tease you and say silly stuff to make you laugh and/or smile?
  • 6
    What does he do when you get mad at him?
  • 7
    If his friends teased you and him about liking each other, how would he react?
  • 8
    When your crush looks at you, what does he do?
  • 9
    If you had to rate your guy, what would you rate him?
  • 10
    Last question. Do you think he likes you?

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Potterheadgirl101 (99366)
83 days ago
Ooo if he rlly does like me and not my friend then.......ok so I feel bad for her but I'm sooooo happy!
Have a good life (63107)
698 days ago
I only see my crush at school too! I always get the same results, and its so annoying, because he told the entire class he liked me in first grade, and I swear he still does.