Are you a gay?

Developed by: Kirk

May be a bit materialistic and stereotypical, but let's see if you're gay!

  • 1
    Many of your friends are ...
    Many of your friends are ...
  • 2
    How does this picture make you feel?
    How does this picture make you feel?
  • 3
    Do you like rabbits?
  • 4
    How about any other animal?
  • 5
    You see someone of the SAME sex checking you out ... you do what?
  • 6
    You're alone, thinking of ...
  • 7
    You would consider yourself:
  • 8
    A friend comes to you with a problem, you ...
  • 9
    You think gay pride parade is ...
  • 10
    Do you're parents know you're gay?
  • 11
    Would you ever say you're gay to get a girl?
  • 12
    What is your favourite TV show?
  • 13
    You're watching the show COPS because ...
  • 14
    Who is hotter?
  • 15
    I like to watch straight porn because
  • 16
    There's a gay porn on ... you don't change the channel because...
  • 17
    The guys in the pic are
    The guys in the pic are

Comments (15)


Ricky (24373)
132 days ago
I am gay yes it is True I like some boys
koko (63700)
136 days ago
i'm too innocent or this test i think...
Lev (85110)
357 days ago
are you 4 real what the hell is a straight acting guy
Cameron (39420)
363 days ago
Ik I'm gay where do you live dinnem
dinnem (71979)
374 days ago
i know i am gay hey david how old are you
David (12383)
380 days ago
I love man
Anymous (36677)
391 days ago
I'm gay but it says I'm straight and some of the questions were un fair like the tv show one I don't watch any of those I'm British
Hunter (62103)
409 days ago
17 of 17 highest gay score ever. trying to do better getting gay and mom who threw out all my my silky thong panties an holes got me prescribed me to play girl ask where my cagey mags my dad come i hard core mam on man got purple pink even naked poster of Dustin beaver somebody telling I'm gay.
Is the closet door jammed? (40222)
546 days ago
Yes it is, because I am a female lesbian.
theDude (75841)
593 days ago
Being straight doesn't mean you like killing things and hating "queers".
LB (50546)
628 days ago
Sorry, I could not finish.. I would get brain damage.
Hotgirls (31251)
693 days ago
I answered 0/17 questions I'm not gay I'm so happy
Irwan (56618)
826 days ago
Yeayy. . .
I have correctly answered 16 of 17 questions.
and if anyone asks, are you a gay?
I would answer, YES I AM GAY
Licia (07615)
926 days ago
16/17 true.


I'm female. .-.
Dean (60833)
1044 days ago
Wow this worked im really gay