Are you ugly?

Developed by: TK

Are you ugly? Or pretty? Or just normal? Take this quiz to find out.

  • 1/10
    Do people ever say that you are pretty?

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ThisTestIsMean (15214)
55 days ago
this test called me ugly poor me :c
Carrrrieee (27411)
99 days ago
I agree with Katie and sxmmetry.
depressed onion (15907)
157 days ago
answered 0 out of 10 questions correctly


Jada (37022)
163 days ago
I don't care cuz I know I'm pretty so she just mad so there she go😰
sally (11556)
209 days ago
you answered 5 to 10 questions correctly...
sxmmetry (04807)
220 days ago
also this is basically a personality quiz, so there shouldn't be any wrong answers.
just because a boy hasn't stuck anything inside of you doesn't mean you're not f~~~ing pretty.
get a life and go outside.
sxmmetry (04807)
220 days ago
Everyone is beautiful, except for tk
Mergen (84329)
228 days ago
Okay, so I may not be the most beautiful girl in middle school, but I don't need a quiz to tell me what I am and am not. So I may not have a guy. So I may not have beautiful nails. So I may not have good looking hair. Who gives a flip? I mean, I like someone and I'm almost positive he likes me back (though he won't admit it), but we're all beautiful in our own ways.
Katie 💜 (52355)
277 days ago
Listen ladies, why are u even on such a quiz like this? U should already know that U ARE BEAUTIFUL. Ik that everyone has there own definition of pretty, so one way or another, in life ur not going to be called pretty all the time. But MY definition of pretty, is that EVERYONE is meant to Ben pretty, and u all are. So have some confidence girl! U are u!! U are sporty, sweet, funny, sassy, shy, flirty. And don't let anyone make u be someone ur not 😊❤️
~ a 14 year old girl that loves life
Anonymous (40150)
317 days ago
I have low self esteem. It said that I was ugly.
Sierra (13261)
483 days ago
this test is so bad, somebody take it down! worst quiz ever!!! btw everyone is beautiful, except for you TK!
Lauren (13261)
483 days ago
Lol. I'm just laughing at how bad this is.

First of all, everyone is beautiful. Plus how you look on the outside does not matter, it's the inside that counts.

Secondly, it has 'correct' answers. Only 1 correct answer for each question. Why only 1 correct answer? This is bullcrap!

Stop with the guy stuff! it's annoying!

Oh and also, what kind of guy just asks a girl to take their clothes off?

Really TK? Go [BEEP] yourself!
Chloe (43243)
568 days ago
That is like the worst test ever everytime it said you ugly everyone is bea
Beautiful sorry but WORST TEST EVERRRRR!!!
dina (25372)
586 days ago
it says everyone is ugly and there is no right or wrong answer such a test
Leah (24686)
596 days ago
Everyone rate it 1 star
Leah (24686)
596 days ago
So much boy stuff and why would somebody ask you to take off your clothes it says I'm ugly and I only answered 3 outta 10 right you don't know me and my choices I answered it correctly in my opinion besides it's asking me it's not a meant to decide if it's right cuz I'm being honest
LoveJM (95662)
642 days ago
This questions is all about a guy.😡Its iritating me 😡😠
GreenPotato (04495)
692 days ago
Well obviously i know im ugly, but this test was bullcrap!! The guy stuff was useless, (especially the last question since guys don't really wolf whistle anymore) and u don't have to be kissed to be beautiful. Worst attractiveness test ive ever taken go stuff urself TK😡🖕🖕
Allie :) (46738)
692 days ago
I think that everyone is pretty why do you call people ugly on here jerk. I was called ugly gosh...Rude much
KawaiiCookie🍪 (41422)
769 days ago
I knew I was ugly. I just knew it.😱Whatever. I'm used to being heartbroken.😢💔😒