Are you and your crush meant to be?

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Will you last?

  • 1
    Has they ever told you they like you?
  • 2
    When you talk where is his focus?
  • 3
    When you hang out with him, when and where and with whom are you with?
  • 4
    What do you and your crush talk about?
  • 5
    How long have you known each other?
  • 6
    Are you and crush alike or complete opposites?
  • 7
    What does your crush notice about you? (physical)
  • 8
    What does your crush like about you?
  • 9
    What do you like about your crush?
  • 10
    What do your friends think about his feelings towards you?

Comments (17)


How? (53658)
17 days ago
How do I know how he likes me, I don’t even know if he likes me! Huh?
Lol, you think I have a name? (77498)
21 days ago
I should make a move? I think I'm just a little young... Plus, he is moving away..
Goldy sails the sea (40401)
38 days ago
I'm crying... ugh, me man XD
I like her so much, I have no idea how to make the first move but I reaaallyy
Hope that you're right, cause I think I'm falling in love.
crushing101 (67940)
40 days ago
what is the first move I should make?
Someone (24293)
48 days ago
I like it a lot I might ask him out or a least ask if he likes he
This isn’t my real name (23193)
57 days ago
There’s this girl that I’ve known for three years and she’s absolutely amazing. She’s cute, smart, funny, kind, and super friendly to me. She once had a crush on me and I’ve told her I have for ages. I think we might be able to go somewhere with it. I’m so excited. 😍😍😍
Brooklyn c. wells (71294)
80 days ago
Omg! I made a move and he said that he loved me... yay
Thanks so much
bob (46406)
114 days ago
Well she is beautiful and a future sweet heart
Maddie (39024)
125 days ago
Please say that we’re meant to be I have known him for 7 years so please say that we’re meant to be!
Randy (36281)
129 days ago
There is this this guys that I liked for more than two years. He has been in the same class as me since then. We rarely talk, we are just like knows each other’s name. No one knows that I like him except for me. On normal days, I dun really feel anything much but occasionally I feel really crazy. Like im about be go mad. I really wonder what I should do about it. Should i confess to him or keep the feelings to myself?
Tk (45844)
162 days ago
I like this boy for 4 years, I saw him coming on to my bus and it was literally love at first at sight in second grade. I'm in 7 and he is in 8th grade but he has a gf now. I just regret my past decisions because I'm not allowed to date and I would've told him my feelings to be honest. I just regret me not letting love steer my decisions and take the boy who was possibly "the one."
Maya (44011)
169 days ago
Maya (44011)
169 days ago
GOD! I've been noticing how my crush and friend talk together ALL THE TIME and flirt(it's DISGUSTING!!!) I got Ina fight with my crush the other day, and called him a old cow... Hope is lost for me!!! HE HATES ME!!! If you have any advice, please comment below.😭😍👦🏼
Sad girl (60587)
177 days ago
I got I’m atraccted to you but he’s dating my bestfriend EX and she knows I like him. We are Bestfriends. But I’m not sure if he likes me. I just wished I asked him first. :(
Person (06688)
181 days ago
I have to make the first move
Some Girl (58386)
207 days ago
I got good results.I got:"I am attracted to you"
nalani (91666)
586 days ago
At least tell me something good cause that really hurt me but, the trueth hurts right?