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The test about nothing!

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Take this quiz to see if you know everything about nothing!

  • 1
    Kelso from that seventies show is the smartest person ever!
  • 2
    Dogs have four legs.
  • 3
    Zombies live on mars

  • 4
    Constipated people don't give a crap.
  • 5
    Blind people can't hear you.
  • 6
    A car runs on gasoline.

  • 7
    A bushel is 10.
  • 8
    Someday, evil monkeys will take over the world.
  • 9
    Pie is good.
  • 10
    This test has been enlightening.

Comments (10)


97 days ago
6/10 I know something about nothing. I did this very halfheartedly, so don't blame me lol
455 days ago
Hehe, I got it all wrong on purpose.
736 days ago
736 days ago
IM 50/100
827 days ago
9/10 cool and what question
did i get wrong???????
1071 days ago
Nothing Nothing nothing nothing nothing and nothing.
1198 days ago
9/10 on my first try. Lol this is funny.
1271 days ago
4/10,............... I'm so stoopid
1444 days ago
I got 8/10 questions right but how do you get questions right if it is a test about nothing!!!
1444 days ago
Literally, 'pie is good' is an opinion, and I'd like to know what stupit question I got wrong, please?