Sport Science Level:1 Quiz

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Test your basic Sport Science and training knowledge

  • 1
    Anaerobic relates to an activity that requires oxygen delivered to the muscles
  • 2
    Caffeine can help runners in long distance events but it is banned when taken in large amounts
  • 3
    The deltoid muscle is located in the lower limb

  • 4
    Carbohydrate should not be taken in large amounts when training for competition
  • 5
    It is very important to bend the knees when you perform an abdominal curl on the floor
  • 6
    "Supine" relates to a position in which you lay down on the floor facing down

  • 7
    The callipers are used to measure body weight
  • 8
    Power is the combination of strength and elasticity
  • 9
    ATP is the energy currency used by the body in order to generate energy
  • 10
    VO2max stands for Maximal Oxigen Uptake

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455 days ago
Thank you for this quiz
2734 days ago
Nice spelling of 'oxigen' :)