Are you a true musician?

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Everyone says they're in a band or they know music like it's the back of their hand. But are you REALLY a musician?

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    How many instruments are in your room at this very moment?

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3 days ago
I am just going to be super self centered for a minute, I hate this because 1st an arpeggio generally has 4 notes now three, 2nd some of these comments are stupid, 1 Bo who says Fb isn't a note, Fb is a note. Also just because you play a lot of instruments doesn't mean your automatically good at music, neither does knowing composers, it's good to know composers though I honestly don't know why I called that super self centered but too late now, anyway, the test is not in any way accurate
88 days ago
this is a terrible quiz this is a very very very bad quiz see below
88 days ago
This is terrible, it says i am not a true musician. I have been playing piano since i was 3 i am almost a prodigy ive played cello for 4 years im in the most advanced group for cello that exists in my school, my moms whole side of the family has been musicians for generations, my grandma was a music teacher, I'm also in jazz band and select strings and i can also play some guitar and african drums. Besides why do i need to know what a fricking drum major is to be a true musician??? sorry for my mini rant

ps my piano isn't in my room ;P๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜œ
243 days ago
Im just a beginner and im a true musician playing 3 instruments. Like im not kidding. Im first chair flute in band too. Im in Jazz band as well. Im one of those band kids that are show offs.
311 days ago
321 days ago
I don't go to band camp because I'm not a loser lol
360 days ago
Also, Fb is a note. It is enharmonic with E. Same thing with Cb. Cb is enharmonic with B. It just depends on the key signature. Knowing this does not make you a true musician, but a true musician should know this.
360 days ago
That was the easiest quiz I have ever taken in my life. These are all questions every musician should know and if you call yourself a musician, learn this.
419 days ago
I am not a true musician...๐Ÿ˜‚kinda funny, I am 4 year All State, have composed 17 songs of wich 10 have been performed at my school, I play 5 instruments....but it was a fun quiz
427 days ago
Yo Bo - Um, Fb is in fact a note. It's more commonly referred to as E.
437 days ago

You have just accomplished the test 'Are you a true musician?' on with the following results:

You know what music is and you listen to it, but may not actually perform music. Perhaps you are an artist or an actor/actress. You may be intelligent enough to pursue music. Music is a wonderful world of aesthetic value.
472 days ago
On question 16, Fb and Lb are not notes
553 days ago
I personally think that this test is inaccurate
629 days ago
hmmm, I mastered the alto and bari sax, can play anything by ear, have been playing an instrument for the past 13 years, can both read and write music, can transpose songs from violin to saxophone with ease, and enjoy listening to pretty much every form of music out there (orchestral, ragtime, symphonic metal, bluegrass, and dubstep being a few of my most favorite generas) but apparently I'm not a true musician ;) fun quiz though
830 days ago
I just got "you are a true musician". I'm self taught, kinda surprised I knew any of this stuff. Terrible quiz btw, it takes more than school based knowledge & experience to be a musician. Seriously, notation never got me anywhere & why do I have to know what a drum major is? Sorry, I'm happy with my score but I can see a lot of talented potential getting discouraged after taking this quiz; I also see a lot of band geeks getting a big head when all along they've been in it for the extra credit.
922 days ago
Why are there so many questions about marching band? Marching band is the lowest form of ensemble playing.
1055 days ago
I'm only 14, yet I got the "you win" answer. I think that means I got near 100%. The 11 years of piano, violin, singing lessons and the 5 years of playing in multiple instruments in band paid off just for me to take this test. Congrats to me.
1087 days ago
Lol the result for me was "awww so close" I guess 9 years of cello and violin didn't do much, I feel the result had to do with my answer to the question of whether I agree with musicians being smarter and better because I said I disagree...hmm. Also I've never been in band, band is lame, ORCHESTRA FOR LIFE!!!...yeah