Should I Ask HIM Out?

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Is he The One? Or is it just a unnatural occurrence? Find out whether you should ask him out - or just run for your life! Try our "Should I Ask Him Out?" quiz right now.

  • 1
    When you talk to him, does he hold your gaze?
  • 2
    Has he ever told you he likes you?
    Has he ever told you he likes you?
  • 3
    Do YOU think he's Mr. Right?
  • 4
    Do you enjoy spending time with him?
  • 5
    What do you like best about him?
  • 6
    Are you two friends?
  • 7
    Has he hinted he wants to go out with you?
  • 8
    Does he seem to find you attractive?
  • 9
    If he asked you out right this second, would you say yes?
  • 10
    Say he was a millionaire. How would you feel about him if he suddenly lost all his money?
  • 11
    Do his friends ever tell you he likes you?
  • 12
    Last one. Would you be afraid to ask him out?

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19 days ago
omg it says we might not be a match made in heaven well where just 9 so we don't know love and also his girlfriend is my bestfriend ugh boys and ive known him longer they met like 2-4months ago and ive know im 4 years and shes 7 and heys 9 and im 9 boys are soooo annoying but I love him gosh just wait till she leaves and heys mine
61 days ago
So there’s this boy in my class and OMG, he is the greatest person on earth! He is so nice and always understands me. We are great friends! But here’s the catch, he’s my ex. We broke up bc we’re in 5th grade and he isn’t really the “dating” type. He still likes me, but things are awkward between us...... you know? I get a vibe off him that he wants to date again. But what am I supposed to do? So I took this quiz and it said I should ask him out. Thx person who made this quiz!
112 days ago
Okay someone help me :( I don’t know what to do so... I’ve liked this boy for 2 years and counting on he’s Mexican, 5’4, curly headed, 8th grader currently and I feel like giving up because before I told him I liked him and I also told my best friend and he said he didn’t want “titles” a week later he dated my best friend I was heart broken I tried and get over him but man he has my whole heart and then another year passed he had broke up with my best friend and I had another best friend I also told her about him and I told him I liked him again and guess what :( they dated also... and now it’s been 2 years since all that has happened and I still like him and He’s apparently always seen me as a “friend” but now me and him have been getting closer I got a hug from him :) and he’s always awkward and shy around me he’s always smiling at me and he’s stopped talking to his friends just to talk to me in the hallways and he starts the conversation with me now and he’s straight up the love of my life he’s the best thing that has ever happened to me idk if I should ask him out and advice ?
180 days ago
Ok so I just wanna tell someone cuz like I’m scared to tell anyone bc I don’t want them telling him so he’s this cute Mexican 7th grader he’s like very small I guess like he’s probably 4 inches shorter then me (I’m like 5’4) but like he’s really funny like always making jokes and he’s in my band class and we’re both new to band and we both picked the trombone and so like we’re helping each other out and all and he’s like really nice he’s like always touching my hand and all but if he did ask me out I dunno even know if I’d say yes because like it would just seem weird and but like my best friend likes him so I texted him and I was like do you like My friend tell me the truth and he said I don’t even know and I was like oh she wanted to know and he was like Ok and then I mean and I was like what and he hasn’t texted me back yet but like I’m so mixed up and like I don’t even know anymore 😭😭😭
249 days ago
So tehresso there’s ((te((et
263 days ago
Nani dafaq

Okay first of all, why the heck is this a correct or incorrect test? That is by far the stupidest thing that I have ever heard. And second of all, the options are so limited, you don't know which answer to choose, because NONE OF THEM APPLY TO YOU. Ugh this is the worst test I have ever taken
Plus , it told me to 'go for it', when I took this test before and it said 'hell no'
266 days ago
So theres this boy. Hes my boy best friend, and we've only known each other for weeks, but it feels like forever. Hes always there for me, and we try to hang out whenever we can. Apparently hes told my best friend he would date me, so i dont know. Let me tell you about him. Hes a 7th grader and he dosen't go to my school, hes probably one of the realest 7th grader ive ever met. But anyways, I like him. But I dont wan to ruin our friendship. Another problome is im moving next month, and I wont see him for awhile. So what if we get together and he likes someone else. Or cheats. I always have that fear. Anyways, yesterday I had something on my snapchat story and he slid up. It was one of thoes would I dat you things. I also had 20 questions, about my crush, which he told me too do. He asked me who my crush was and saw i put maybe for dating him. I really want to tell him i like him but i dont know how :(
271 days ago
@Monzo, ask them out. First start off by saying hi asking how they are, then subtly complement them but not too much because you want to get to the point as straight as possible. Ex. "Hey ___, I love your outfit. I was wondering if you'd want to go out with me "(movie, coffee, mall etc.) Remember confidence is key, but don't be full of yourself. If they reject you politely accept their answer and move on. That's all the advice I can give you, don't forget be yourself!
279 days ago
I really like this person and we don't talk much but when we do it's really funny and happy I can't help but smile. I've never asked someone out before and he gives me mixed signals. What should I do?
284 days ago
Bridget -
Ask him out. You deserve it
355 days ago
I would like to know how in fact my answers were wrong??
361 days ago
I love this quiz and i like my boyfreind to
397 days ago
thanks this was really helpful 😁
418 days ago
bridget I read ur comment and I totally relate lol this is exactly like my life
429 days ago
So there is this boy named howard and we always look at eachother in class and we are friends, he knows i like him because my friends told him, but he never talks to me around all the sporty popular boys he only talks to me infront of his closer friends who i am friends with too. One of my old friends likes him too but she is a real byotch and he (and all the boys) hate her. So on the last day of school when we had our speech day, we had to sit in boy girl order and i got to sit next tonhim and one of my other friends, Connor, who likes me but i dont like him. So me and howard were talking the whole time and laughi ng and i could see the other girl who likes him (mia) staring at us and being jealous. Before the assembly started, me howard and emmy were talking about all the relationships in the year and i was telling him about the boys who asked me out and i said no then he looked at me and said "i never had the chance to say no" and i was like going crazy inside, so ya. Then afterwards me and howard and connor and another girl, annalise were walking back together and talking, i was wanting to ask howard out but i didnt want other people around, so i didnt. But after school he said bye to me and i almost died cos usually he walks away. I dont know if i sjoild ask him out when we go back to school in 6 weeks or just leave it. We are in the same house so we have all classes together, cos we both took the same language as well. Please give me advice, i neeed it, im going crazy thinking about him all the time.
431 days ago
I'm going to get the results.
I'm so nervous.
450 days ago
Woah I got everything right.. that was unexpecetd!
460 days ago
Soo it said not to but then I did and he said yes soooo.
464 days ago
He used to always talk to me like he liked me but when my friend told him that I liked him he stopped talking to me and I think he told his parents and my parents won't let me go over to his house thank ever and she rides my bus but we never talk to me but my cousins and his little brother told me he likes but they lie and I think they said that but it was lie and if they said that just to mess with me and I have asked him to the wrong times in the past when we would talk to each other all the time and he said yes and his mom was standing right next to me him when he said yes but now all the time and it's like he likes her because she has 💗 and I don't but yet she's a s*** and so then I met this other guy that I really like and yeah he don't like me but he likes my friend that stole my other Crush and the first guy that she stole from me his name was James the second guy his name was Chris and I think Chris hates me so much that you stabbed me in the hand of the PIN and James your mom has pictures of me and him hugging all the time and I was telling her about that and then I looked at hello mom's Facebook account and send pictures of her and James hugging from a long time ago and then I seen some pictures from Recently of them hugging so I don't know what to do but my cousin's recently had a Halloween party and that was the most he talked to me in a long time so if you guys have any suggestions please give them to me because I need them bad, thx for listening to me rant.
464 days ago
WHAT DO I DO????????????????