What is your clique?

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Have you ever wondered what clique you should be in at school? Now is your chance to find out!

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    It's lunchtime and the new kid at school has just come over to your table. What do you tell him?

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jimmy (32179)
42 days ago
I got nerd. Very steryotypical. I can barely study for something for 10 minutes. I am not a nerd. I run till my eyes fall out.
Nadia (55619)
55 days ago
Also emos and rebels can get good grades I have all As
Nadia (55619)
55 days ago
This is way to stereotypical. I classify as a repressed emo.... it said rocker! I am into pop-punk alternative and rock not metal. I still am a trouble maker...what can I say... I have no friends😭
Athena (59797)
98 days ago
I got rocker. But for the friends question, there wasn't one that said, leave me alone. And for the party one, as if I would get invited. For music, Punk rock? They are very stereotypical. I hate video games, and have never seen a real life skateboard. Jeez. I'm basically known as Captain Skippy, and am a mix between, The Outcast, The Weird One, Tomboy, and Emo. What am I?
Maddie (38521)
105 days ago
I got Nerd. I'm ok at school, but I don't think iv'e actually ever studied for a test before except for the state tests.
Hannah (31607)
131 days ago
There is NOTHING I hate more than heavy metal, rock music, I get good grades, and I’m known as a “cinnamon roll” among my friends.
Seagirl🏈 (35914)
161 days ago
Dude, very stereotypical and the answers were obvious. I got rocker and I have to admit I love black but I am anything but a rebel and get good grades. I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone else .
(And no just because I love black does not mean I cut and hate god. Get perspective to whoever thought that;)
Anonymous (15289)
166 days ago
There is nothing I hate more than rock music and I got rocket. Wow. Real accurate.
Anonymous (07044)
529 days ago
It is so obvious which answers lead to what. Quizzes/Tests like this should have answers so the taker can't manipulate it to say what they want. The answers should be kind of vague so people don't quite know what they'll get until the quiz/test is completed.
NobodyButTheMusic (28291)
778 days ago
I like this quiz, it was pretty accurate for me. Although I think it would be better to have more categories, like Otakus, Goths, Emos, Scenes... I do 't know, my friend took it and she's Goth, but she got Prep. It needs just a little bity work.
💗fffff (26160)
805 days ago
I'm not a rocker, I clicked classical and it said I love heavy metal?! I said I don't cheat on tests and I am nice to new people and friends surge verging so how is that rebelious and a bad reputation?
yo mama (03257)
915 days ago
nice quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your mom (64217)
931 days ago
You gave me the rocker type and I'll let you know that I get all A's and mabey a couple A-'s here and there