You DO NOT Know as Much About Anime as ME!

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What's that? I'm wrong? Then prove it! Sure, you may have taken my other quiz like this, but I just had to make another one! Here's your chance to prove yourself (maybe again)

  • 1
    Let's start easy. What type of demon is Shippo?
  • 2
    Who is the last human left on Earth (or Entera whichever you want to call it)
  • 3
    What is Dr. Marco's state alchemist name?
  • 4
    What is Tyson's Bit-Beast
  • 5
    What does Mushra say when he transforms into hyper form?
  • 6
    Why is Luffy made of rubber? (This is another easy one!)
  • 7
    What character dies in episode 25 of Fullmetal Alchemist: Words of Farewell?
  • 8
    Who is the leader of the Super Robot Monkey Team?
  • 9
    Who is the "goggle-head" in season 1 of Digimon?
  • 10
    Who was the "goggle head" in season 4 of Digimon?
  • 11
    Who is Kikyo's reincarnation?
  • 12
    (If you don't get this one, then you have no right to call yourself an Anime fan!)
    What does FMA stand for? x_x
  • 13
    What animal power does Renee have?
  • 14
    What color is Kiyo's spellbook?
  • 15
    Who is Rika's partner?
  • 16
    Who is Keichii's girlfriend?
  • 17
    What is Raye's guardian planet?
  • 18
    Who is the leader of the Humunculies (artificial humans)
  • 19
    Who is the cook for the Straw Hat Pirates?
  • 20
    What happened to Ed and Al that sent them on their journey to find the Philosifer's Stone to restore their bodies?

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anon (28870)
240 days ago
arrogant much. that title tho.