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What Kind of a Shopper Are You?

40.14 % of users had this result: The Shopping Miser Shopping isn’t on your list of favorite things to do, and you definitely don’t consider shopping as a way of spending your leisure time. You won’t shop unless you have to, and once you step into the mall, you’re ready to get in and get out. You traipse through the malls grumbling like a scrooge and make other shoppers miserable in the process. You always find something to complain about: the parking, the sales help, the prices, the return policies, and the fact that clothes aren’t made in the USA anymore. When you realized you can find everything you’re looking for online, without leaving your home, you rejoiced and celebrated with a nice purchase made from your favorite store while sitting on the toilet.

41.41 % of users had this result: The Passive Shopper You don’t shop very often, but when you do, you know exactly what you want and where to find it. Organized and store-savvy, you check the sale flyers regularly and keep a mental list when you shop. You browse if you’re in the mood to window shop, but you usually know what you’re aiming for. You know your spending limits and usually won’t buy what you don’t need, especially if the price isn’t right. However, you know when to indulge in a little luxury when you deserve it, like those diamond underwear you’ve been eyeing.

18.45 % of users had this result: The Shopaholic There are two kinds of shopaholics: people who enjoy shopping, and people who are compulsive spenders. If you’re the latter, you may be using shopping as a way to lift your spirits when you’re feeling down. You think that new black blazer or Snoop Dogg CD will cheer you up, and it may for a short time. You go home feeling refreshed and satisfied, but after a couple of days, the itch to shop is back. This is not healthy for you or your wallet. Learn how to control your compulsive spending.