What rabbit are you?

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All bunnies are adorable, but each breed has a personality of its own. What rabbit are you most like?

  • 1
    If you could have any career, you would be a....
  • 2
    When there's a problem, you react by....
  • 3
    When talking to others, what type of voice do you use?

  • 4
    When it comes to clothing, you tend to wear....
  • 5
    Your favorite movie is....
  • 6
    Your favorite music artist is....

  • 7
    Your favorite candy is....
  • 8
    You like to collect....
  • 9
    Your role model is....
  • 10
    If you ever make an online quiz, you will call it....

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729 days ago
What rabbit are you?

For 30% you are: AN ENGLISH ANGORA! You are sweet and gentle, but always concerned with your appearance.
15% of 7244 quiz participants had this profile!

Your score wasn't clear.

You could also get this result:
For 30% you are: A NETHERLAND DWARF! You are curious and sociable, a little guy with a big personality!

Your score wasn't clear.

Or even this one:
For 30% you are: AN ENGLISH LOP! You have a calm, soothing personality.
923 days ago
Im an english angora!30% Im a Netherland dwarf!30% They are both soooo CUTE!!!!!
992 days ago
(Im an english lop 40% and a netherland dwarf for 40%!
1763 days ago
2076 days ago
this test is so far the best ''what animal are you'' tests that I have taken. I am usually what they tell me but sometimes I disagree much.