Are you a girly-girl?

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Has anyone ever said that you are such a girl? Well now you can see how girly you really are. If you are a guy and people tell you that you are girly then take this too and find out! Hazaa!

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    What item are you most likely to have with you 24/7?

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M. (75099)
29 days ago
I don't like boys romANTICALLY THO
YE BOIII (43715)
33 days ago
I am a man and I got girly girl. I think the earth is trying to tell me something.
Regular (49081)
43 days ago
I'm just regular I guess....:'( (24362)
47 days ago
Apparently I am a "girly girl" and men are scared of my hair srunches?
CcCCVBHJG (50171)
83 days ago
yay i am not a girly girl :) :) hip hip horray
bella (60099)
118 days ago
cool qizzes people there usfull.
Batman (65919)
138 days ago
You are just a regular girl who just fits in with the crowd. You can be girly and can be like a guy, but that just averages you out.
i like furries (19965)
140 days ago
I Am Normal
Luciana de Draculaura (50504)
143 days ago
Hi.Ya , what mine said was probably true!If you want to join the tomgirl gang I created,put šŸ™‹šŸ».Girls and boys welcomed!
TOMBOY (16223)
146 days ago
Mine said:You are a girl,(I think) but you aren't freakishly worrying if your hair scrunchy matches your clothes. You are just regular, I guess.
Titi (15011)
149 days ago
i'm pretty girly this is what the quiz said:
"Are you kidding me, you actually scored this high! Well, you are high maintenance obviously, and love to go shoppingss. Try to tone it down though, not many guys like girls who tend to freak out their hair scrunches!
Harmonie (55092)
151 days ago
i soooooooo girly
Neve (65258)
180 days ago
I said Iā€™m super girly but keep down the tone though boys HATE it when girls Freak Out About Hair Scrunches
now that is funny
Forrest (17713)
207 days ago
I'm a guy and I can be pretty girly
Fatoumatta (23931)
233 days ago
Macy is my favorite place
Fatoumatta (23931)
233 days ago
The above I don't always have that stuf
Tu (63180)
233 days ago
I got average I can be girly and be just like one if they guys šŸ˜‰
Ebony (35142)
248 days ago
Lol it said that guys don't like girls who freak out about hair scrunches, I'm gay! Idc what guys think.
Sophia (44503)
378 days ago
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Fishy (44503)
378 days ago
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