Am I Over Him?

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Sometimes you try and try and TRY to get over a guy, but you just can't, no matter what you do. It's so confusing because your head and your heart are at war! And that can keep you from seeing the truth. Take this quiz to see if you are really over him, or if you are still majorly crushing on him.

  • 1
    Do you still think about him a lot?
    Do you still think about him a lot?
  • 2
    You know he doesn't like you, but do you still spend time fantasizing about the day when he'll ask you out?
  • 3
    Do you see him a lot?
  • 4
    Do you have pictures of him hanging in your room/locker?
  • 5
    Do you still get nervous/excited when you talk to him?
  • 6
    How do you feel about him?
  • 7
    Would you change anything about yourself to get him to like you?
  • 8
    Do you still dream about him?
  • 9
    Do you talk about him with your friends?
  • 10
    Do YOU think you're over him?

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9 days ago
I'm completely over him...phewHe was the first person I ever opened up to, and then he ghosted me so he is also now the source of my trust issues and the reason I don't tell anyone anything. Luckily my current boyfriend is an actual angel and has been so patient and kind to me..better than my ex ever was. Looking back he was definitely using me and I was too innocent to realize it. Just an end note, but my bff told me from the beginning he wasn't right for me and I didn't listen to her, but just an example of how an outside opinion is a good idea.Also, just a note, but if you can't see ANYTHING wrong with him, then you need too look back a bit because that is a bad sign
15 days ago
So it says I am almost over him but like I told all my friends I still like him and stuff. So I'm not sure /:
104 days ago
I have been over him for a while. I get twinges of jealousy when he flirts with this one girl in our spanish class, but thats normal, ive heard. I dont care all that much, since shes a vsco girl and its lowkey weird since hes kinda goth and paints his nails black. but whatever...
117 days ago
Hey what’s up. I like this guy and I’m really mad at him right now. I don’t think I’m being unreasonable I mean what he did was selfish and really irritating. First of all, I barely talk to him anymore ever since my marching band season at my school ended. So one day during the season one of my friends texted him saying that someone liked him. He got kind of irritated at that but is a generally nice person so was still nice about it. So last week I texted him a WHOLE FREAKING PARAGRAPH saying how sorry I was for making him irritated and starting drama and that I was the one who liked him. YOU KNOW WHAT HIS REPLY WAS?!?!? “It’s okay. I’ve been in the same boat before, so I understand” And then I immediately started thinking, “ok so I just told you I like you and you completely ignore that and say you understand.” Ok and y’all might be thinking “your overreacting he probably just doesn’t know how he feels about it yet.” Well you see he is now avoiding me and thing is I know that he isn’t avoiding me because it’s weird because I asked him afterwards. “ hey is this the first time your hearing about me liking you” and then he said “not really I kind of put it together after your friend messaged me.” And I said “oh okay.” I’m sorry I got off on that whole rant... The second reason is that back in September (it’s December now) he liked this girl. I knew about before being told because he made it really obvious. And you see there is no problem with him liking someone, the thing was that the girl was dating someone and was in a happy relationship and he still was telling her best friend, who he is also friends with, that she was thicc (if you don’t understand what that means it means he looked at her butt) anyway WHAT THE HECK?!?! Your going to flirt with a girl who is taken and do it IN FRONT of her boyfriend???? THATS NOT OKAAAAYYYYY. If you don’t get it I’m mad and this is actually helping me get over him. Telling people the things you don’t like about the person you are trying to get over helps. It also helps to read other situations that other people have gone through because sometimes it’s nice to have someone who knows how you feel. Sorry for the whole rant. Hope you have a great day.
129 days ago
For 50% you are: You are almost over him, but there's a part of you that still loves him. You want to get over him, but it's really hard. Don't worry - in time, you'll get over him and find another guy to crush on.

Woohoo! Today I had to stay in a quite small, warm room with him. I was struggling but at least my friend was there too.
154 days ago
I died whith the Hamilton reference
154 days ago
God, Im 60% over... Well at least is a clear progress, right ?) Jesus help me
176 days ago
It says I’m 50% over him. What’s the other 50%?
194 days ago
Like 💗 he really messed me up like i thought about him all the time for the last year and hes in my school. he dated my "friend" and just completely ignores me. but i know we both loved each other and my sister use to tell me we were soulmates so who knows... maybe things will get better and we can go back to being friends or maybe hes not the one for me. I miss him w all of my heart and i hooked up with 20 guys because i tried finding someone like him. But the truth is, you cant find someone to replace someone else... now im getting heartbroken by sum other guy but hey thats life lol
204 days ago
I am over him and I am ready to mingle.
234 days ago
Oh good. I am over him. That guy I liked was such a jerk. Ugh.
271 days ago
You were such a cheater, lier,cassanova, womanizer, I forgave you but I hate,hate,hate you.You used me so my mind would get off stufies and you'd have less competition but darling😡,I have moved on and I'm gonna show you that I'm a lot more intelligent then you,and will achieve lot more then you 💗 do.
You broke my heart but yeah there is a concept of KARMA,I got mine 1000 times worse and what you did is already an ultimatum,lets see what life does to you.
I wanna see you shattered and heartbroken, if not for me any other would do.I pray that you fall in love with a big player girl.
Good luck to you and your heart
PS:I'm not that evil but the world moves on but I don't cause all I think is about KARMA.I don't have to bring bad days in your life,KARMA will automatically make your life a hell👹👹👹
289 days ago
He’s just a classmate, he’s just a pretty close acquaintance. He doesn’t love me back, and I know since he knows I like him and he hasn’t made any moves. I always tell myself that and then think I’m over him. At the end of the day, I’m still in love with him. My friend also rubs in my face about her boyfriend and refuses to call/text since she’s so busy with her boyfriend. So that’s a nice reminder that my crush won’t ever love me back.
334 days ago
Amanda! Cohen who? I have a cousin named Cohen and I don’t think anyone would like him.
365 days ago
I was in love with this guy, let's call him F, for five and a half years before I moved on. Sort of. I am currently in a relationship with a legit angel, R, who makes me feel so special and is just really sweet, but... F is stuck in my head. We knew each other in preschool, and F has always been a amazing person. I once told F I liked him, and he ignored me for most of the year, but now we're just friends again and I have a bf, R, who is so incredible, and I feel like I'm pulling an "Alexander Hamilton " and cheating on my loyal bf with a guy who would never like me.... Help!!!!!!!
366 days ago
I liked this guy named Cohen but he is moving to another state soon so I should really get over him like now! Do you guys have any advice about what I should do?
370 days ago
This quiz assumes that I'm straight. Please don't do that.
413 days ago
oh look whos back from being MIA.
anyways, after we broke up, i saw him in the library snuggled up next to a girl named Madiylyn (yeah ikr) who he promised me was just a friend. i ran outside literally balling my eyes out when I ran into my best friend, Kael. He hugged me and walked around with me until i stopped crying..
413 days ago
No I don’t, but I know @HI and this is matching what she’s saying
413 days ago
ill say my side.
look, @HI im so sorry that it happened to you too.