Am I Crazy?

Am I crazy? Are you crazy? Aren’t we all a little insane? Well, maybe not you, but I think I might be. So, what’s your opinion?

  • 1
    So my science teacher is telling us about grass. Whoohoo. I raise my hand and talk about how I think grass is sentient.
  • 2
    I go to New York. I enter a shop, and out of everything there, including model airplane kits, jewelry, books, the whole nine yards, I choose an action figure Einstein doll.
  • 3
    I’m in England. I bring my Xbox from America, and plug it in. It blows up from the extra voltage.
  • 4
    I want to get something from a tree. My friend and I try to fly, quite literally, to get it. I break my arm in the process.
  • 5
    I’m in school, attempting to “dance” in the halls. I trip and fall flat on my face.
  • 6
    I’m starting to get bored with this. Are you?
  • 7
    I actually like school. And hate summer vacation.
  • 8
    Ok, so I’m running out of ideas. Maybe I’m actually, sane.
  • 9
    Wait, I have one! I was talking to my shrink-
  • 10
    No, I was actually going to say something-

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