Which Charlie and the Chocolate Factory character are you?

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Are you "really weird" or "just lucky to be here?" Take this quiz and find out.

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    Which food do you like the best...

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Natalia (96573)
16 hours ago
Well... my parents sometimes spoil me...I have a pet horse and a bunny and that’s 2 kinds of pets what Veruca Salt has out of all the pets she has in her castle like mansion
RUby (96573)
17 hours ago
I got Willy Wonka which is a bummer I want to get Veruca Salt
Ellie (96573)
5 days ago
My two favorite quizzes are the goto quiz and the quibbo one because my hopes come to life about the answers that I get!!!
Erin (96573)
5 days ago
The next quiz I will get Veruca Salt
Pauline (96573)
5 days ago
I got the man who owns a chocolate factory and wears a hat and a long purple tailcoat and makes chocolate and upbeat happy jumpy active
Ceizi (96573)
10 days ago
I stay positive through the worst
Charlotte (96573)
10 days ago
I am grateful what I have for everything
Aliza (96573)
10 days ago
I’m totally gonna get Veruca Salt!!!!
Alex (96573)
10 days ago
I got Willy wonka...I thought i was going to get the girl that has spoiling parents, demands her daddy to get what she wants, has Curley and styled hair, the second golden ticket winner, favorite color is pink and a squirrel for her personality that fits her
Ella (96573)
16 days ago
The only answer I always get is Willy Wonka when I tried to get Veruca Salt
Jeryca (86137)
18 days ago
I got charlie bucket
Riya (30699)
19 days ago
My prediction was Veronica sult but it was Charlie bucket
Meredith (30699)
19 days ago
Free die Highmore as Charlie bucket
Alexis (30699)
19 days ago
I thought I was going to get Veruca Salt but I got Willy Wonka instead
Anthea (30699)
19 days ago
Ugh, I got Augustus gloop.
Kelisey Erika (30699)
19 days ago
I was thinking that I was going to get violet Beauregard or Willy Wonka but I got Charlie bucket
Kayla (30699)
19 days ago
I am Charlie bucket
Marley (30699)
20 days ago
I thought I was going to get Augustus gloop but instead I got Charlie bucket which is good
Heidi (30699)
20 days ago
Congratulations I am Willy Wonka!!!!
Ravithy (30699)
20 days ago
I’m a gum chewer mostly,but when you heard about these stick things, I light up with gum, switch to candy bars..... someone said that one kid is going to win this special grand prize, better than all the rest, I don’t care who those other four are, but that kid, it’s gonna be me!!!! Because I’m a winner!!!!