Why Do I Feel The Way I Feel?

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Some people have trouble identifying how they feel, and figuring out why they feel that way. This quiz is designed to help you figure all this out, and might help you change your situation for the better. It is adapted from a Dialectical Behavior Therapy workshop given at the Counseling and Career Development Center at Georgia Southern University.

  • 1
    Which physical symptoms have you been experiencing lately? Choose the closest answer, even if you haven't experienced all the symptoms.
  • 2
    Which of these actions have you been engaged in recently?
  • 3
    Which of the following have you noticed about yourself recently?
  • 4
    Which of these events have happened to you recently, or in the past?
  • 5
    Have you interpreted any life situations in the following ways recently?
  • 6
    Which of the following words would you use to describe how you've been feeling?
  • 7
    Do you identify with any of these words?
  • 8
    What do you think the opposite of your recent experience would be?
  • 9
    If you could do anything to express the emotion you are feeling, without having to suffer the consequences, what would it be?
  • 10
    Which of the following emotions do you think you have been dealing with?

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18 days ago
Hi everyone! If your against any type of abuse then please repost this message onto another quiz! Hopefully we can make everyone who do these quizzes aware that abuse and violence is never good!
Thank you for your time and I hope you all have a great day because you are wonderful and beautiful!
20 days ago
what if i feel almost all of these and just want to die
28 days ago
Also school starts soon and I'm constantly bullied for everything.
28 days ago
I recently told my crush I liked her and she didn't like me back but were still friends so it's hard for me to move past liking her. Also being in the closet (im lesbian) probably doesn't help with stress
65 days ago
I constantly feel empty inside, even when I'm with my friends and were having a good time, I start thinking "it's not gonna last," or "they secretly hate you," or "they only hang out with you because they feel sorry for you," and I can't get those thoughts out of my head. It makes me hate myself and all I can think about is death
74 days ago
I feel like I have a bag of stones in my chest and nails in my stomach. this helped me uncover and understand what “situation” may be behind it.
78 days ago
It said I'm sad, and yeah I am sad. My 'friends' treat me like 💗 and always make me feel bad about myself and like I'm not good enough. They say it's a joke but I'm tired of it and literally no-one cares that I want to kill myself.
110 days ago
So it’s weird there’s something I don’t want to do so I’m trying to avoid doing it, even thinking about it because it has hurt me emotionally and plus I feel betrayed and ugly and dumb I’ve been tired and sad :(
113 days ago
Im still crying i feel like a loser i look like a loser and im alllaway suspicies and allways heartbroken and i dont feel like i can be Openly lesbian and i have no one to talk to Even my bffs i dont feel IT and my gff dosent i dont feel shes the one so and i vant beat the weight anymore why cant someone take the ny weight?
113 days ago
Certificate: Test results
Why Do I Feel The Way I Feel?
1001For 60% you are: All emotions are prompted either by external or internal experiences. Regardless of the source, the emotion is real, and manifests itself in the body and mind. From what you have described, it appears you might be dealing with a great deal of fear in your life. The roots of this fear come from being in a new situation, or in one where (or like) you or someone you know of has been hurt. Additionally, believing you might be hurt, fail, not get what you need, lose what you have, not have control or die, also feed fear. As a result, you might experience sweating, shaking, jumpiness, tension, breathlessness, dread, vomiting, etc. To alleviate fear, it is important to identify what you are afraid of repeatedly, until you are no longer afraid. Also, engage in activities that will help you gain a sense of mastery and control.
16% of 102233 quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

You could also get this result:
For 20% you are: All emotions are prompted either by external or internal experiences. Regardless of the source, the emotion is real, and manifests itself in the body and mind. From what you have described, it appears you might be dealing with a great deal of shame in your life. The roots it come from doing something wrong, someone "telling" on you, being made fun of, being betrayed and/or rejected, failing at something, or having emotions that have not been validated. Additionally, thoughts of believing you are bad, part or all of your body is flawed, you have failed, you are stupid, judging yourself, terming yourself a "loser," and believing you are unlovable also create feelings of shame. You might have an upset, feel dread, blush, have the jitters, or feel like you're suffocating. To alleviate shame, when it is justified, repair your transgression, avoid making the mistake again, accept the consequences, and then forgive yourself. If the shame is unjustified, repeat that which makes you feel ashamed until you no longer feel ashamed. Profile B

Or even this one:
For 20% you are: All emotions are prompted either by external or internal experiences. Regardless of the source, the emotion is real, and manifests itself in the body and mind. From what you have described, it appears that you might be dealing with a great deal of sadness in your life. If you have been rejected, disliked, have discovered you are powerless, have been with someone who has been hurtful, if things have turned out badly, if you're not getting what you need, or if you've lost a loved one or a relationship, you might feel sad. Plus, if you believe that you are bad, a failure, stupid, not "good enough," a "loser," and that you are unlovable, you might feel sad. To combat sadness, it is important to engage in things that bring you pleasure, to be active, to not withdraw, and to do things that help you feel confident. Profile C

Or even this one:
For 0% you are: All emotions are prompted either by external or internal experiences. Regardless of the source, the emotion is real, and manifests itself in the body and mind. From what you have described, it appears that you might be dealing with a great deal of anger in your life. Anger is caused by losing power, respect, and status; being insulted, not having things turn out as you wanted; being in pain; being threatened; having something important interrupted, and not getting what you need or want. Additionally, anger might come about if you are expecting pain, if you believe you've been mistreated, if you are judging a situation, or ruminating. To alleviate anger, it is important to avoid the provocative situation, and to try to counteract anger with kindness. It is useful to put yourself in another person's position to try and understand and be empathetic to their point of view. Profile D

Take this quiz: Why Do I Feel The Way I Feel?
122 days ago
i pray 4 u @Pepper!
127 days ago
I'm everything. Everything is wrong with me. Everything. Ev-er-y-thing. E-v-e-r-y-thing. Why? Why? Why? Why me? Why me? Oh please dear god, why me?!?!?!? Just let me die.
138 days ago
IT is too bad too bad too bad!!!!!!! I love one boy so much. he is a bit bigger than me in age and i didn't knew till yesterday when he was gone and i began missing him like an 💗. i am not able to spend my one day without him. and 1 month has already passed. it is all empty without him. just sadness. though he told me he loves me and there is no problem in that but the thing is, i won't see him again. maaa. i wanna break things. everything is all bad. i can't laugh openly! please come back. please pray for me. please.......?
151 days ago
I got a very long list of words I don't even know what they mean.
Lately I have been feeling sad that's why I took this quiz.
Thanks to all the legands for the support
156 days ago
have you felt like you were living a lie? you hide behind a mask your family puts up for you? well this is how I feel, my family are Mormons, and im a atheist they have no idea even if they did they don't care, I get forced to be who am I not, I get told how to live my life, all I feel is anger sadness and heartache
162 days ago
It's because of school. They did this to me. I hate the kids I hate the principal. I hate everyone there. They can't 💗 for 15 minutes during lunch so we don't get in trouble. I hate lunch. We don't eat we get in trouble for being loud. I absolutely hate school. I'm in 6th grade. My peers have ruined my life. I have made myself have a whole separate life at home. I hate how the kids who don't care if we get in trouble have absolutely ruined my life. I would print this out and give it to my school but my printer don't work. Why does it have to be like this? Thanks so much for ruining my life. 1 1/2 left people! That's all. Just be good for that long. But it's not possible for us so whatever.
170 days ago
what if I feel some of each profile mostly B &D and some of A and A Bit of C
171 days ago
lately everything fells too much the pain ,the agony ,the heart aches. the worst part is if you ask me why i don't know why i feel what i feel .i don't know perhaps there is something. if you see me with my friends laughing and talking i look so happy but I'm not.you can never guess what I'm going through if you see my smile.but the moment I'm alone things change i will got the feeling i don't know the feeling hits me in my head so hard. at that moment i will find myself crying and cursing everything,at that moment all i want was to leave this world. I'm so tired of living this kind of life.
i want things to be fine ,i want to be like a normal person, i want live a better life but i don't know what to do. I don't know what will help me to stop this pain. i feel lost in the middle of all this crowd no one ever cares enough to know what I'm going through. i need someone to help me before it's too late,someone who help me got out of this 💗.
177 days ago
I am emotionless and numb. I cannot cry even if I want to. But lately it feels like I have two brains, one is blank and the other feels emotion. Sometimes I have a blank face but tears coming out my eyes even if I don’t feel sad. ANd if I want to, it seems like I can mentally change my emotions on purpose for no good reason. Like if I feel nothing, but want to feel sad I will cry my eyes out like I got hurt. Or if I just want to feel anger for no reason, I will and I would want to rip a whole in the wall, but I’m really mad for no reason at all. It’s like I have three switches in my brain and there all of until I want to turn them on. I feeling unreal and pathetic. People saw me as a nobody and a disappointment, so that’s what I became. Even without my permission to fee this, it’s like someone is controlling my brain like I’m a robot.
198 days ago
Anonymous 04613 I've looked again at your issue. Have you got a child? Does not have to be a baby. How long have you had these feelings? Plus please also read my previous comment again and my advise to miss B