Why do I feel the way I feel?

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Some people have trouble identifying how they feel, and figuring out why they feel as they do. This quiz is designed to help you know how you came to feel as you do, and may help you identify how you can change your situation for the better. This quiz was adapted from a DBT workshop that was given at the Counseling and Career Development Center at Georgia Southern University.

  • 1
    Which physical symptoms have you been experiencing lately? Chose the answer that is most like what you have been experiencing, even if you haven't experienced all of the symptoms.
  • 2
    Which of these actions have you been engaged in recently?
  • 3
    Which of the following have you noticed recently?
  • 4
    Which of these events have happened to you recently or in the past?
  • 5
    Have you interpreted any life situations in the following ways recently?
  • 6
    Which of the following words would you use to describe how you've been feeling?
  • 7
    Do you identify with any of these words?
  • 8
    What do you think the opposite of your recent experience would be?
  • 9
    If you could do anything to express the emotion you are feeling, without having to suffer the consequences, what would it be?
  • 10
    Which of the following emotions do you think you have been dealing with?

Comments (51)


Anon (85451)
3 days ago
Due to depression i was a 💗ty person to my sibling. And so i understand why she views me as a 💗. I get it. I just cant tell her that I was so suicidal when I was young cuz she doesnt get mental illness and thinks I'm too sensitive about things like social justice etc so i dont think she would fully understand... i also dont have the guts. I dont even know what to do cuz she is so condescending to me sometimes and other times we get along. I have so much anger and resentment for not standing up for myself when I was younger and until now basically. So I've been having dreams where I fight her. I have to stand up for myself. Every bad interaction I have with her makes me wanna cry. So now I'm wondering why i cry. It's not like she yelled at me today. Maybe I'm just crying at my frustration of my situation.
Chaewon (96513)
8 days ago
I don’t know what I’m feeling so I took this test.. I’m dealing with sadness, fear and shame.. it’s true.. I don’t feel sad, but I don’t feel happy either.. I just feel so empty.
anonymous (62643)
16 days ago
I am dealing with a great deal of anger, fear, and sadness. I want to punch something as I am typings.
Just_JaiJai (54118)
31 days ago
I don't know what is happening to me. But I feel like, I'm not me anymore and it bothers me. In school, I feel like no one understands me. And I think, I'm too heartless and also like, "lazy to deal all this stuff," , " give me a break," , "don't care." Hays~ What to do? What is this?
Not needed (94784)
35 days ago
I am a straight A student. My grades have gone down. I cant take the shame and pressure.
rr (18942)
47 days ago
its the second day of july where I live.
right now I just feel a sense of emptiness and ive lately been calling myself stupid and dumb. ive been forgetting everything lately and I just feel so weird.
I feel depressed, and my music taste lately has just felt really weird too. music is a big part of my identity and so feeling insecure about it definitely hits hard.
I have a girlfriend, but we have a long distance relationship, and at this point im not even sure if I like anybody anymore. I just feel too empty to feel any kind of love.
Lumine (38076)
48 days ago
I've been changing. I used to be crazy, nice, calm, patient, and caring, but now I've change. I'm now depressed, angry, unpatient, mean, and wanting to kill someone. I've changed all because of some kids from my class. They always make fun of me when I made mistakes, always say I'm not important and that I'm not "cool". They always say I'm annoying. No one knows i'm depressed. I've have changed from pink shirts to black, gray, and white sweatshirt. I feel like I'm nothing. I always make sure other people are happy. I always want to tell them to kys, but I can get in trouble. I used to be confident, but I end up losing half of my confidences. Everyone, just so you know, you're important! I don't think I'm important though.
Can anything be clear about me (10688)
58 days ago
i got 30% anger 30% sadness 30% shame and 10% fear. so great god help me.
Can anything be clear about me (10688)
58 days ago
nothing about me is clear. since no one knows who i am...
i have lost countless friends who have either drifted away and two of them have died.
I hate the way i feel: extra emotionless on the outside, too much sensitive on the inside.
it said unclear for my results, just like everything else.
i honestly need help. i don't know how to get it. i've been unable to talk to ANYONE so i just talk on freaking blahtherapy.com and i don't know how i can do anything. i may be depressed said someone on blahtherapy so i still DON'T KNOW. i am NOT suicidal.
but i dont understand my life. this what i said here is NOTHING like you imagine I am
I'm a funny, outgoing, enthusiastic person on the outside. you wouldn't be able to guess who i am
but you'd know there's something hidden deep in me. and for some reason not a single friend is okay to talk deep with me. so this is wonderful, including other problems in life that aren't major but still affect me way too much. great. help anyone.
R.Henderson (19906)
69 days ago
This was a waste of time
Brittany Johnson (59273)
86 days ago
Its crazy yes. But it does help define mixed emotions when you don't understand they are right. It hurt but it was also something i needed to hear that no person would have gotten they telling me. Just saying. If you can't handle blunt or your to sensative to the truth I don't suggest trying this.
Yeah... (97640)
91 days ago
That was harsh but your right. This makes everyones feelings of depression worse, not make you feel better.
Hello (97640)
91 days ago
Wow you guys should go to some actual help. Not some quiz that just rubs everything in. This quiz overall just has a bad, depressing vibe to it. I came on here because I'm bored and now I feel really depressed. Not a good quiz at all
Why u care (55890)
94 days ago
ARTZY_RolePlaying_FanGirl I know right !!!!
ARTZY_RolePlaying_FanGirl (08954)
94 days ago
god this made me relies how depressed I really am I'm alone hated and want to die
Who am i (89478)
104 days ago
Oof 80% sadness 10% anger and 10% shame not wrong
stop everything (32800)
116 days ago
he does love me. not anymore.
:( (32800)
116 days ago
i dont know how to describe how i feel except like this: I cant keep going.help please
Anonymous (05967)
124 days ago
It hurts... It hurts so much and I don't know why, it's horrifying...I used to be the girl everyone wanted to be friends with, everyone gravitated towards me, now I don't even want to be around me
lyn (14484)
130 days ago
40% fear 40% sadness 20% shame