THE True Love Quiz

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Do you want an answer to the question, "Am I in love?" that you can actually rely on? Look no further! This test will give you the answer you want - whether you like it or not.

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    When you're with him/her, what do you think about most?
    When you're with him/her, what do you think about most?

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Rozy (22544)
6 days ago
i donโ€™t know if I like him
demiah (64592)
7 days ago
I love this becaues I love my boyfriend so much
Not Profile B (42759)
10 days ago
You're truly in love, but are practical about it. This could last forever, or just until you fall out of love - which is possible. Remember, relationships require a lot of work, and good ones aren't easy to find. You need to give as well as receive in a good relationship.
You're too obsessive, and let him/her walk all over you. Have some respect for yourself. Don't forget that you have feelings, too. Once again, you need to give AND receive in a good relationship. Okay. For one,I am not in a relationship with her. Also, I can sometimes be a little lharsh. But, it's only because I'm too nervous to admit I like her.
You're infatuated. When you think of him/her, it's mainly about the physical. You might not even know him/her all that well - which is key to a good relationship. I'll admit, people know her better than I do. In some cases, by a long shot. And yeah. She does infatuate me. I think of her when I exercise, and I find extra energy to go the full distance.
This is 50/50. It might turn into real love if you work at it. Spend some more time with him/her and see where it leads. Sounds like it's definitely worth putting in some extra effort. Not gonna argue there. I've made various attempts to get othergirls over the years. My effort and work put in during the school year seems to always burn away over Summer Vacation. But I made sure that ended my freshmen year. I'm not letting this girl slip through my fingers like a fish
From the looks of it, you don't really even care about this person. Makes me wonder why you're taking this test in the first place. Let him/her go - hopefully, they'll find someone who'll really care. Everyone deserves thatWhy did I even get this as a result? It was at 0%.
not sure about (30676)
14 days ago
not sure i can trust him
A girl in love (72552)
18 days ago
I am so in love! I know that Ryan knows that I like him! But I want to tell him. And I can't figure out how.
Jeanette A. (72552)
18 days ago
He has told me her is in love with me and we have almost kissed. I want sure I was in love until I took this quiz. Now I'll certain. I'll go to the park at the end if the street, where he normally goes to think, and will talk, and*hopefully* we'll kiss.
eman (59924)
28 days ago
Ametha (95472)
31 days ago
Love (46230)
65 days ago
My crush is very sweet, kind,funny, caring and super cute
Kiera Jasmin Wynne (20372)
65 days ago
I need love trust honestly tell the truth to hang out
Tilly (11269)
86 days ago
Very cute and dreemie
Alicia (53267)
87 days ago
How OLD are most people here
Alicia (53267)
87 days ago
I LOVE U CAM RAMEY,thanks for the treat :-):-)
Alicia (53267)
87 days ago
He showed me his you know what
zayra (16920)
92 days ago
He is mm allright,cool
zayra (16920)
92 days ago
He is very honest and loyal and cute and i am lucky to have him
kennedy-simone (95310)
98 days ago
If your happy that is all that matter's
Alexandria Aguilar (52746)
101 days ago
Take the test honestly
honestty (06358)
104 days ago
thats what i thought
honestty (06358)
104 days ago
he is my boo i love him so back off before you get hurt and we love each other