Are You A Friends Maniac?

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Take this quiz and see if you are a true friends addict!

  • 1
    In series 9, Sandy, Ross and Rachel's male nanny, teaches Joey to play which song on the recorder. . .
  • 2
    What is the name of Rachel's beloved, deceased dog?
  • 3
    In TOW Rachel Has A Baby what is the picture on Phoebe's shirt?
  • 4
    What was the name of the lady that Ross dressed up as when he was a kid?
  • 5
    What song do Rachel and Ross sing to baby Emma to make her laugh?
  • 6
    Where do Mike's (Phoebe's husband) parents live?
  • 7
    What are the names of Mike's parents?
  • 8
    Season 3: What did Monica order from an infomercial?
  • 9
    Season 6: Where did Rachel buy her apothecary table?
  • 10
    Season 9: What was the name of the mother of Phoebe's rat baby's?
  • 11
    Season 2: What did Phoebe's husband do as a living?
  • 12
    Season 1: Why did Rachel break up with Paulo?
  • 13
    Season 5: Who screamed, "Chandler's a girl! Chandler's a girl!"?
  • 14
    Season 3: What is the name of the stripper Chandler hires for his cousins bachelor party?
  • 15
    What is Monica's favourite cocktail?
  • 16
    What is Joey and Ross's favourite action movie?
  • 17
    What is in Monica's secret closet? (Season 8)
  • 18
    What did Chandler say about Joey? (Season 9)
  • 19
    Which friend thinks a trip to the dry cleaners is like Disneyland?
  • 20
    Season 4: Why did Joey and Chandler pee on Monica's foot?
  • 21
    Which one of Joey's sisters did Chandler sleep with?
  • 22
    How did Rachel find out about Monica and Chandler?
  • 23
    What was "The Gellar Cup"?
  • 24
    What is Phobe's alias?
  • 25
    To whom did Gunther say "You are no longer authorized to distribute birthday muffins."?

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