Harry Potter OWL exam

Developed by: Flinch Hayward

Think you know enough to get an Outstanding? Or are you mocked for being a Troll? Take the OWL exam to find out...

  • 1/10
    Charms: Give the incantation and wand movement required to make things fly.

Comments (21)


The Real Hermione (11321)
3 days ago
I got Outstanding, but 50%...
#hp_lover (01521)
20 days ago
Outstanding! I am the geeky-est fan out there!!!!!!!! Keep loving Harry Potter !!!!!!
Abi (83927)
29 days ago
I have never gone to hogwarts and I got poors and dreadfuls!
pizzayeah01 (83927)
29 days ago
i got a outsanding omg am i realy that smart?????
Hermione Granger (00564)
40 days ago
Ugh! I got 99%! It's just because I REFUSED to answer that illogical Divination question! Harry, Ron how much did you get? 85%! Pretty good for your standard Harry! Exceeds Expectations! Ron? Ah. 30%. Troll. Better luck next time. WHAT! YOU GOT THE DIVINATION QUESTION RIGHT! NO ONE HAS EVER GOT SOMETHING RIGHT THAT I HAVEN'T! RONALD WEASLEY GET BACK HERE! I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU!
Rhys (21972)
51 days ago
Aw I've got 68%, should I sent a letters to my ma and da?
loralacy (22844)
54 days ago
For 60 % you are: Outstanding! You're Hermione in disguise, aren't you?
68 % of 27008 Quiz participants had this profile!
Rosie Malfoy (draco's twin) (19335)
123 days ago
I got an O at 40% much better than draco who may I point out got a T
Sam (66024)
135 days ago
Got an Outstanding, of course Got an Outstanding, of course :)))
Hermione Granger (97270)
136 days ago
I got 100% it's quite easy really if you study
Teresa (89903)
143 days ago
50% on Exceed Expectations lol guess I'm good at guessing
That 1 slytherin you hate (69701)
156 days ago
40% Troll...

I'm not even supreme
Molly Weasley (11150)
158 days ago
U should write the answers
Ginny Weasley (82212)
175 days ago
I got an outstanding as usual. :-)
Sage Potter (51922)
188 days ago
That was fun.... I got a O :3
Charity (06539)
223 days ago
For 50% you are: Outstanding! You're Hermione in disguise aren't yo? is what I got on my test.
violet (41124)
255 days ago
i have an outstanding on my owls!! soo happy
The Patronum (48449)
268 days ago
Harry Potter (15293)
291 days ago
This quiz was riddikulus.
Muggle-Born Raven claw Seeker (80261)
450 days ago
Awesome!!!! I love it!!! It would be better if you showed the diploma at the end, I tried a bunch if other O.W.L.s tests an they don't show the diploma so thus would be the first. (For me at least). But beside that, his is awesome! !!!!! Love it!!!!!🐬